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Re: [new_distillers] another new distiller looking for knowledge... urns & automation

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  • chris and carol caldwell
    Hi Ben, Go for it, and go to as many sites as poss - there is a wealth of information out there. Luck Chris ... hey there.....
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 23, 2001
      Hi Ben,

      Go for it, and go to as many sites as poss - there is
      a wealth of information out there.



      --- Ben <wump_wump@...> wrote:
      hey there.....<BR>
      i started thinking about brewing my own spirits a
      coupla months back <BR>
      after going into a homebrew shop with a mate to get
      some beer stuff <BR>
      and i spoke to the owner about distilling. He was
      willing to sell me <BR>
      a still and all the gear, but the still was only a 5
      litre reflux <BR>
      still for AU$300, and after looking at it, i thought i
      could make a <BR>
      bigger better one myself, and once again, the net was
      almost an <BR>
      unlimited source of info....<BR>
      After much reading and thought, i want to make an
      electric still for <BR>
      practicallity and minimal consumables (no wood for
      fire or gas <BR>
      bottles and naked flames)....<BR>
      i am an apprentice electrican which also helps as i
      can get most  <BR>
      gear and electrical advice from work...<BR>
      I have seen a couple of stills on the net made out of
      45L stainless <BR>
      steel hot water urns, and this would be ideal for
      size, material and <BR>
      it already had an electric element. <BR>
      the original element simmerstat would be bypassed and
      the heat <BR>
      controlled by a couple of preset thermostats located
      above the column <BR>
      packing(that switch off at 90degrees and switch on
      again at <BR>
      75degrees) <BR>
      i have not decided on a condensor yet other than a
      continuos water <BR>
      cooled one, as i am still reasearching them. <BR>
      When made, i would run this urn with only water and
      monitor the <BR>
      thermostats and thermometres manually until i am
      satisfied that it <BR>
      works and is fully automated with thermostat controls,
      fluid level <BR>
      limits and timer.<BR>
      #i was wondering if this temp range of 75 to 90degrees
      would be <BR>
      #Are there any easy to manufacture outstanding designs
      for a <BR>
      condensor that people use, i am getting a collection
      from my research <BR>
      but not have spoken to anyone yet or asked specific
      #i have many more questions, especially on stills made
      from urns and <BR>
      would like to hear on who has previously made
      #I was after some feedback/advice on my idea on making
      a still and <BR>
      other ppl's experiences....<BR>
      hoping for some help and advice<BR>


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      cd & ca caldwell

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