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Re: [new_distillers] jkingpawn ferment question reply

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  • BillyWeeble@cs.com
    In a message dated 5/21/03 4:17:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time, jkingpawn@aol.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2003
      In a message dated 5/21/03 4:17:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      jkingpawn@... writes:

      << i've mixed 25# sugar 6 onces of yeast 25 gallon of water,, today is 1
      week an its quit working >>

      BLUEFLAME456 wrote: << sounds to me like u might have used too much
      water >>

      And my thoughts are: I'd say you haven't given us enough info about what
      type of yeast you used, what if any nutrients are included, starting and
      current hydrometer readings, ferment temperature, water quality, jeez what
      else....the fermentation, to me, is more intricate (and important) than the
      distillation itself.
      Blueflame may be correct if you used a high yield yeast. If you use
      bakers yeast, then your mix may be close. Low yield isn't very efficient but may
      be a player when looking for a certain flavor.
      If you don't have a hydrometer, get one. It's the most important tool in
      my "toolbox". I can feel temp but not abv.
      My first few ferments were disasters because of nutrient deficiency.
      Sugar, water and yeast alone just won't finish. If you read as much as is
      tolerable about this subject you will be rewarded with a high yield corresponding
      with the flavor you seek. I'm not an expert so that's all I have to say about
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