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Re: Carbon filtering pure distillate

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  • moutwijn
    Hi Peter, I think that you are a very lucky by not setting your house on fire. Because the way you dry the carbon in your microwave coud cause a nice fire.
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 4, 2003
      Hi Peter,
      I think that you are a very lucky by not setting your house on fire.
      Because the way you dry the carbon in your microwave coud cause a
      nice fire.
      Through the years I used hundreds kg's of carbon to purify a lot of
      different solvents.
      When I have to activate carbon (I use 10 kg/ batch) I put it into a
      electric oven, set the oven to 180 °C and leave there for 8 hours.
      Then I take it out of the oven and let it cool down in a surrounding
      where there are no organic vapours are present (I use a stainless
      steel box which is filled with nitrogen), after cooling it down to
      20°C I use it.
      Next time you want to dry carbon just scoop the wet carbon into a
      pyrex and put it into a ELECTRIC oven and set it to 180 °C.
      Leave the bowl in the oven for a few hours. Take the bowl out the
      oven, cover the bowl with aluminum foil and let it cool.
      Than use it.


      Ne--- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "peter_vcb"
      <viciousblackout@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Ken
      > heres a copy of some posts i made a while back. i have since found
      > some of my carbon types will spark in the microwave. i put the
      > sparking carbon in the oven on full for an hour. i think it is
      > the effort since you should wash new carbon anyway. does anybody
      > their alcohol like Zoran suggests?
      > hi Spoliatio.
      > before i go through it i will say microwaving charcoal can be VERY
      > DANGEROUS! i got the idea of microwaveing it after reading that
      > carbon can reach extremely high temperatures in a microwave. you
      > get carbon crucibles for melting steel and silver. so it reaches
      > above 1000C. i thought this would be ideal to burn off and
      > nasties stuck in the carbon and also to sterilise it.
      > i get my carbon in a plastic filer from work. i cut the filter
      > with and dump the dirty carbon into a 40litre container and fill
      > with hot water in my shower. i let it settle and decant the dirty
      > water. i repeat this until the water is clear, usually 4 times. i
      > then boil it up in a pressure cooker to really clean it and
      > it. i then drain it off rinse again and put it in a pyrex lasagne
      > type container. i microwave it on full for 5 mins at a time
      > it after each 5 mins. after about 20 mins it is dry but keep a
      > eye on it. i then microwave it for 40 seconds at a time stirring
      > time. it looks dry but after a while it starts to gives off dry
      > vapours again. it gets extremely hot so a pyrex dish is essential.
      > is important to stir to prevent hot spots. once i didnt stir for a
      > while and when i did stir it was glowing red in the middle! after
      > about 10 blasts at 40seconds the vapors stop coming off and i then
      > stop and let it cool overnight. the vapours have a choking smell
      > are a bit like smoke since they are "dry" but they dont stink the
      > room or anything.
      > good luck and be careful!
      > Peter
      > i didnt weigh it but it looks 500g judging from the 1 kilo bags i
      > used to get. the microwave is 800W, but microwaves do vary in
      > efficiency mine seems to heat small cups of water faster than my
      > 800W maybe it has hot spots or something. i would go very slowly
      > first time maybe 2 mins at a time until appears totally dry. when
      > is dry it just falls off the spoon like sand. if you cant leave it
      > the microwave to cool down (incase "she" finds it) be very careful
      > where you leave it. i took it out once and put it on some
      > and the paper started to smoke! it works very well when recharged,
      > but i always put lots in each gallon jar anyway.
      > good luck
      > Peter
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Ken Grady" <kengrady@d...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > it is cheap and can be reactivated after use.
      > >
      > > Peter
      > >
      > >
      > > Gday Peter,
      > > How do you reactivate the carbon & is it worth the effort.
      > > Ken.
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