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Re: [new_distillers] Brandy vs Schnapps

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  • Darryl Ward
    Yes, brandy is grape spirit aged in oak, whilst eau de vie (aka schnapps or fruit brandy) is spirit made from fruit. Some, like slivovitz (from plums) is
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 3, 2003
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      Yes, "brandy" is grape spirit aged in oak, whilst "eau de vie" (aka schnapps
      or fruit brandy) is spirit made from fruit.

      Some, like slivovitz (from plums) is light aged in oak, others generally are
      not as the flavours are very delicate.

      True eau de vie is pure fruit spirit with nothing added, but it is very
      expensive... I think it takes about 60 pounds of raspberries to make one
      bottle of raspberry "brandy".

      Hence I cheat and add some sugar to the wash to help the yield without
      detracting from the flavour too much.

      The secret is to collect enough cogeners to ensure the flavour comes across,
      so a pot still is advised here, unlike making vodka when you are just after
      pure spirit.


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      > I agree. I think that they are basically the same. True brandy is
      generally made from wine grapes and aged on oak.
      > The difference between fruit brandies and schnapps (and Eaux de vie) seem
      to be a matter of dilution and packaging. You usually see fruit brandy
      served at 40 percent, whereas German schnapps tends to be around 50 percent.
      American fruit brandy is usually neutral grain spirit with natural and
      artificial flavors, and lots of high fructose corn sugar...
      > There may be some difference in the treatment of the fruit during
      fermentation. Possibly types of yeast, temperature of fermentation. Schnapps
      is usually fermented cold, much like Lager I'm taken to believe. But, as the
      man says, I could be wrong. Anyone have some inside info on this?
      > -Bryn
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      > Subject: [new_distillers] Brandy vs Schnapps
      > > Could somebody please explain the difference between Brandy and
      > > Schnapps. As near as I can tell they are basically the same thing.
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      > > Thanks//
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