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Re: [new_distillers] N/S output temp

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    Nixon/Stone or North/South chic matthews wrote:What does N/S stand for? would someone post a link so I can see one please. ...
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 5, 2003
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      Nixon/Stone or North/South


       chic matthews <notchic@...> wrote:

      What does N/S stand for? would someone post a link so
      I can see one please.
      --- Shane Kirkman <shanekirkman@...> wrote:
      > Short story-
      >     After converting from a modifiyed Moonshine.com
      > internal reflux to a N/S still, one thing bothers
      > me. The collection temp seems very high (ie: the
      > spirit going into the collection vessel feels about
      > 50c). Is this normal ?
      > Long story-
      >     My still started of as a basic Moonshine.com
      > internal reflux S/steel 1m column, I wasn't happy
      > with it[85%], so I removed thru pipes and installed
      > a coil below lyne arm. After that I could totally
      > control reflux and collect at 95% plus, alas I still
      > wasn't happy, so decided to make a N/S out of
      > copper. Being a pensioner I scrounged around and
      > found enough sec/hand bits to make a N/S head, but I
      > still havn't found a length of 2" cu (1.5 to 2m).
      > Being impatient I blocked of the lyne arm in my
      > reflux and wacked the N/S head on. Whow what a
      > difference ! So much control, o why o why didn't I
      > make a N/S in the first place.
      >     I toyed with the idea of adding 1/2 a meter of
      > S/Steel to the column and a gate valve on the lyne
      > arm and having two/three stills in one (N/S /-reflux
      > /-no srubbers or reflux=pot still). But I think I
      > will wait till I score some 2" Cu and put the N/S
      > head on that, and put the reflux on another boiler
      > and use it for grain/molasses type mashes.
      >     Morel of story if your after 96% make a N/S or
      > In/line straight up out of copper and 1.5m plus.
      > Eat Drink Smoke & be Good
      > SHANE
      > Eat Drink Smoke & be Good
      > SHANE

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      I can be wrong I must say.
      Cheers, Alex...

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