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  • CornFed (Randy) <cornfed15@hotmail.com>
    Tony Ackland s excellant webpage is free and has a huge amount of useful information. http://www.homedistiller.org/ you can also download the webpage as a file
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 4, 2003
      Tony Ackland's excellant webpage is free and has a huge amount of
      useful information. http://www.homedistiller.org/ you can also
      download the webpage as a file and read it off line.

      which book are you waiting on? 'Home Distillation HandBook' ? if you
      go to Gert Strands webpage, he has it available as a downloadable
      electronic file for about 5 dollars.
      http://www.partyman.se/default.htm Gert Strand wrote that book under
      an assumed name. You could read the book on screen while you are
      waiting for the paper copy to arrive in the mail.

      A very good book to read also is 'Making Pure Corn Whiskey' by Ian
      Smiley. That is also available in a electronic file from from his
      webpage http://www.home-distilling.com/ This is a great learners
      level book that explains the myseries of what is actually happening
      and how to build a home use scale distilling apparatus. It also
      explains the process of mashing grains in order to ferment them. I
      have had it on my computer for a long time and just bought the paper
      copy from Mike Nixon and Mike McCaw's webpage. It arrived in my mail
      box in less than 4 days.

      http://www.amphora-society.com/index.html Their book 'The Complete
      Distiller' is a most excellant book to show you how to ramp up the
      scale of your operation once you get the basics understood. They
      explain the many different methods used to distill both ethanol and
      essential oils. I have this in both paper and electronic forms.
      There is a chapter -by- chapter review available at the webpage.

      WOW a hundred gallon still. That will take a gawd-awful amount of
      sugar and yeast to feed that beast. If you go and buy a hundred and
      ninety two pounds of sugar at the local market whenever you go to
      start a batch, I guarantee that the local law will take notice of
      your identity. Trying to explain away a 20 gallon still to the judge
      is difficult enough. I would wager that the locals wouldnt even want
      to talk to you and send your case directly to the federal level.

      are you an ethanol fuel producer?

      There is a page on the http://www.brewhaus.com/turbo-yeast.asp
      webpage that shows quantities for large batches using thier prestige
      turbo yeast. For 100 gallons you would need 96 kg of sugar and 12
      packages of yurbo yeast to get 14 percent ABV. Using thier bulk
      price list, that will be about twenty six dollars 38 cents just for
      yeast everytime you start a fermentation.

      I would suggest starting this hobby on alot smaller scale. It will
      be a costly lesson if you decide that this isnt what you like to do.

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "packandship2002
      <packandship2002@y...>" <packandship2002@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I am new to distilling. I ordered a book from brewhauser.com
      > everything I need to know about distilling alcohol, however, they
      > back ordered until next week.
      > So, at this point I am in the works on building a 100 gallon
      > distiller, I am working on getting the parts. I really wanted to
      > until I received the book, but am too excited.
      > This is my question. To use a 100 gallon distiller, how much sugar
      > and yeast do I need and what's the best type of yeast to use. I
      > I need 100 gallons of water, but the sugar and yeast I know if
      > to produce pure alcohol so I get my some essence to flavor it,
      > example, tequila, vodka, rum, scotch, whiskey you get the idea. I
      > found a dealer would will sell me the essence for 1.95 usd for each
      > bottle, which should be enough for each 3 1/2 liter. ANy help would
      > be great.
      > Thanks
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