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RE: [new_distillers] Structured Copper Packing

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  • Robert Stam
    Hi Mike... I am in Tauranga New Zealand, a couple of hours from Mike Nixon in Auckland. I would be interested in purchasing some of the structured copper mesh
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2003
      Hi Mike...
      I am in Tauranga New Zealand, a couple of hours from Mike Nixon in Auckland. I would be interested in purchasing some of the structured copper mesh you have imported, and was wondering if some of it was going into NZ direct and I could purchase it direct from Mike N.
      Cheers, Rob
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      There has been a lot of discussion about copper packing on the lists
      recently.  Mike Nixon and I have also been experimenting with it,
      and it does a very nice job.  Unfortunately, the most commonly
      available pure copper packing material (The "Chore Boy" scrubber) is
      expensive!  They cost US $1.40 each, and it takes about 36 of them
      to pack a 1.3 meter 50 mm diameter column.

      After a year of searching, The Amphora Society has found a source of
      knitted pure copper mesh in Germany.  This material rolls up very
      easily to make a highly structured packing for small columns, and
      about one pound is enough to pack that same 1.3 meter column.  We
      have tested samples and it is not only much easier to insert and
      extract than the scrubbers, but works really well as packing.

      The minimum order for this material from the supplier is 440 pounds,
      which is a lot of copper!  We have ordered a batch, and expect it to
      arrive in the next couple of weeks.  Since the minimum order is a
      lot more than we need to keep on hand, we'd like to share the
      benefits of our search.  If you'd like to experiment with pure
      copper structured packing, we'd be glad to let you have it for US
      $10.00 a pound plus the cost of mailing it to you (ranges from US
      $3.50 to $9.00 depending on country for a Priority Flat Rate
      envelope, which can hold up to two pounds).  This is half the cost
      we will be selling it for on our web site.

      If you're interested, please email me at mikemccaw@amphora-
      society.com  and tell me how many pounds you'd like.  As soon as it
      has arrived, we'll send you an email letting you know.  At that
      time, you can do the credit card thing with Mike Nixon on our
      website, and you should have the packing within a week.

      Happy Distilling!
      Mike McCaw

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