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  • silicones
    hello to all of you people i am in mexico and as well as you i have receibe from robert warren chapter 1,2,3 and the boiler instructions as well as one pdf
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2001
      hello to all of you people
      i am in mexico and as well as you i have receibe from robert warren
      chapter 1,2,3 and the boiler instructions as well as one pdf document
      (only one page ) of the charles 803 drowings where i can see the green
      since 2 months ago i have being waeating for the blue prints and i have not=

      get any blue shit since then.
      i also offer robert to translate his web page into spanish for free and his=
      answer was.
      I am sorry I didn't answer you before. I don't
      know how you got this email adress, but it is the
      one I usually keep for private friends and family
      letters. The mail.com site gets a lot of junk so
      I sometimes go a few days without checking it.
      I will be talking to John D'Angelo this weekend,
      and make sure the plans get mailed to you, as it
      is always best to have the big blueprints so you
      can put it on a wall. In the meantime, here is a
      recent drawing we have made in Adobe .pdf format.
      You can always download an Adobe document reader
      program for free at the Adobe web site, if you
      can't open this. It is in color, and I haven't
      had a chance to label it yet, so the number
      correspond to the written text.
      Anyway, yes, I would like very much to translate
      the plans into Spanish. At this point there are
      about 30 pages of written text just on the
      instructions, and another 7 or 8 pages on
      building the boiler. I will be writing more, as
      well, as I need to write a proper description of
      how to run it and what to whatch for when it
      boils too fast, too slow, etc.
      I thought I already sent you the text? Did you
      get this OK?
      Here are the plans in Adobe and also a couple of
      photos of the process of building it.
      Also, you will need at some pont to order the
      automatic valve. It is almost impossible to get
      it to make really high proof fuel alcohol without
      it. I can probably sell it at cost if you do the
      work of translating the text. A good place to
      start would be to help us translate our web site.
      arturo again
      i do not know how long is it going to take to get the blues
      bat i need help from any of you people..
      1. the holes patern on the elbow at the bubbler section.
      2. at the step #6 where it mention to make four sets of paired notches at
      the bottom of the reducer (3/4 x 1/2 ) slotted ears.
      whar is this for since this slotted ears do no touch the baffle plate?
      3, the holes patern on the plate named shower plate described as part f
      on the list of materials. does he means the plate that is always bonded to =
      the flor or the one where the water
      comes off the water pipe, my english is not
      good so i do not understand this?
      4. step 14, where should i place the copper brillo pad,?
      under the baffle plate or arround the elbow ?
      i am sorry buy i am stupid to understand the things robert describes,
      specialy when he mentions as describes on detail so and so (i have not the =
      blue print ).
      general question. way we sould not use other than copper brillo pads.
      i can only get stainless still brillo ones, is that a problem whith that?

      this is my personal contribution ....on top of the reflux section a did not=
      any metal reducer because i did not get any 3 by 1.5 inches copper reducer =

      i could only get one 3 by 2 inches copper reducer wich i used it where the =

      fuel outlet goes. so i made one 3 by 2 inches reducer out of a polymer name=
      nylalloy® so it does not transfer any heat fron the reflux section to the c=
      ondenser. if any of you want i picture of
      that it will be a plesure to send it.
      thanks in advance if any one can help me
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