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Re: Would you drink this man's shine?

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  • peter_vcb
    Hi John 1. Greyness: yep you are spot on there. when tasting the output it seemed only about 4% at the end. i wasnt too worried about tails since i plan on
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 25, 2002
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      Hi John
      1. Greyness: yep you are spot on there. when tasting the output it
      seemed only about 4% at the end. i wasnt too worried about tails
      since i plan on refluxing it later. it didnt taste too bad though

      2. Re charcoaling vodka: i normally distill to 90%+ and dilute down
      and charcoal it. what i am wondering is if i took the middle cut and
      kept it separate and treated it with lots of charcoal for a long
      time, would it be as good as my refluxed stuff which is diluted down
      and charcoaled? if it is it would save a lot of time and effort for a
      similar product. and people starting out need not bother with a
      complicated reflux still which many see as essential for a good vodka.
      i only make vodka at the moment and saw a reflux still as being what
      i needed, i am not so sure now. smirnoff black is pot distilled 3
      times and is their premium vodka, so is ketel vodka and probably many

      3) The last line in your posting suggests that you might distil at a
      lower % level?
      i am thinking of collecting just the middle run which will be about
      40-60% depending on your starting wash. i can charcoal this straight
      away and dont have to worry about the quality of the water i am
      diluting with. distilled water is expensive where i live simply
      because there is no demand. tap water is ok but still has additives.
      if i collect at 45% it already is diluted with distilled water.

      i am doing another run tonight and will keep a few litres seperate
      and see how i get on.

      > 1. Greyness
      > my guess re the grey colouring is that you included the tails. My
      > is that what you call 'grey' might be termed 'milky' or 'cloudy' by
      > If it is this, then you have a very common problem. Jack (ups474)
      > that this is due either to dilution with tapwater instead of
      distilled water,
      > or the tails get included into the distillate. His admonition is
      to never go
      > beyond 40%abv. The fact that this grey colouring shows up at the
      end of a
      > run would indicate that it is due to the tails.
      > Now, on a stripping run I will easily go into the 20%'s, and I will
      get a
      > milky appearance in those later storage jars; but when I run it all
      > again I will stop well above 40%abv, and no milky colouring.
      > 2. Re charcoaling vodka. I am puzzled by your routine, but here is
      what I
      > do. With a Turbo-sugar wash I just run it through the reflux
      column, and I
      > collect everything between 95 and 80%abv. Only if there is an off-
      taste will
      > I then treat it with activated charcoal.
      > I should add that for my vodka I combine alcohol from a Turbo-sugar
      wash with
      > alcohol obtained from redistilled grain-feints. Occasionally I
      will have an
      > off-flavour, probably from the feints; in which case I will use
      > charcoal.
      > 3) The last line in your posting suggests that you might distil at
      a lower %
      > level? Are you saying that when using a pot still you might stop
      at around
      > 45%abv, rather than go right up to 90% or thereabouts and then
      dilute down
      > again?
      > John V
      > peter_vcb wrote:
      > > i just did a stripping run on my 18% sugar wash and the distillate
      > > did go grey at the end. my still is a s/s keg with a copper
      > > no plastic in contact except for minimal silicon sealant at the
      > > flange. it was the first (purposely!) stripping run i have done
      > > i would recommend it to anybody. i am now convinced yeast caused
      > > reflux still to stink up especially the scrubbers. the electricity
      > > used in a stripping run costs less than finings and it doesnt
      > > require as much looking after as a normal run since you dont have
      > > worry about making cuts or temperatures etc, plus you can strip 2
      > > 3 batches and then spend one complete day of care distilling the
      > > whole lot in your reflux still. what i am most surprised about is
      > > the quality of the distillate. the foreshots (first 150ml from a
      > > wash) smelt pretty fine to me although i still ditched them, the
      > > middle run smelt like cheap vodka but i have actually smelt much
      > > worse commercial vodkas (worrying thought!). i brewed the wash in
      > > shallow container as mentioned on Tony's site. i got a mouthful
      > > siphoning and it tasted like any other sugar wash, dont know if
      > > clearing improved as anticipated ( i wanted the fermenter empty so
      > > had no time to check the results), maybe the shallow brewing did
      > > improve the taste though. what it has me wondering about is would
      > > this "vodka" that i brewed be ok after being charcoaled? i mixed
      > > all together in the end, but if i had kept the middle run separate
      > > it may have been ok after charcoaling. somebody posted a while
      > > asking about about charcoaling after a single run, well i will try
      > > it next time, it may take more charcoal than normal but so what?
      > > added bonus is you dont have to add filtered/distilled water to
      > > spirit before charcoaling since it should be in the 40-50% range.
      > >
      > > --- In new_distillers@y..., "potstillman" <potstillman@y...>
      > > > Does this sound dangerous to you?
      > > >
      > > > http://www.dcblues.org/cookbook/shine.html
      > > >
      > > > Grey distillate ??? Yellow flame as a test for methanol? I
      > > thought
      > > > it burnt with a blue flame, the same as ethanol ...
      > > >
      > > > Sounds well dodgy to me
      > > >
      > > > Andy
      > >
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