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In Defense of Alcohol

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  • Steve Spence
    The debate over gasohol s effectiveness, or more precisely alcohol s effectiveness and future, seemed clouded more by questions of its net energy efficiency
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2001
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      The debate over gasohol's effectiveness, or more precisely alcohol's
      effectiveness and future, seemed clouded more by questions of its net
      efficiency than whether it worked in a car engine. That is, does it
      take more energy to manufacture alcohol than the fuel itself
      returns? And then -- of particular concern in the agricultural
      Midwest --
      what does the distillation of alcohol from feed grains, particularly
      do to the food industry? Ostensibly knowledgeable people were
      opposed to alcohol fuel production on the more or less moral grounds
      that to
      power cars and motorboats we'd be taking grains that could be feeding
      starving people. This began to look confusing.

      First, let me say that there is no consensus, no bottom line on
      fuels (or methanol, ethanol, and gasohol, in their most familiar
      forms). If
      there is any bottom line -- and there are unmistakable advantages
      fuel production affords both the farmer and the consumer -- it's that
      debate will continue to rage until a full vertical production and
      distribution system is in place, which could conceivably develop in
      the very
      near future.



      Steve Spence
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