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Fw: [new_distillers] Re: Vacuum Drying

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  • Mike Nixon
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      From: CornFed (Randy)
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      Subject: [new_distillers] Re: Vacuum Drying

      there was a discussion along these lines in the bio fuel list about 3
      or 4 months ago. MotieD was trying to find a way to start the
      distillation process using vacuum and a lower boiling temperature.
      He was trying to reduce the energy consumption in the distillation

      One of the suggestions was to use a large propane tank as a
      vacuum 'engine' or storeage device. Much like a capacitor in
      electronics work. They discussed that because a 2 thousand gallon
      propane tank at 30 inches of vacuum would have such a large volume it
      could be used to store the vacuum and then draw the ethanol vapor
      into it during a low temperature distillation.

      after the distillation phase, the tank can be emptied.

      In the fuels lists, 'drying' is the term they are using (right or
      wrong) when they are attempting to get as close to anhydrous ethanol
      as possible.
      Thanks Randy. I've just been doing some figgerin ... a 2000 US gallon
      propane tank exhausted to 30 inches vacuum would be subjected to a pressure
      of 235.3 tons! I just love trivia like that :-))

      More useless trivia .... that equates to 38 full grown elephants!

      Mike N
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