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Re: [new_distillers] Phase angle power regulation

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    Hey, Aaron! This device resembles by description a thyristor or triack circuit. It is certainly NOT smooth variable voltage transformer. Cheers, Alex... Aaron
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2002

      Hey, Aaron! This device resembles by description a thyristor or triack circuit. It is certainly NOT smooth variable voltage transformer. Cheers, Alex...

       Aaron Pelly wrote:

      I happened to be in Dick Smith's earlier today perusing the kits, as you do sometimes, when what should I see but an electric drill speed controller. Interest piqued, I read the spec. to find it rated to 5 amps. In NZ this is around 1200 watts (actually I guess this because 2400 watts seems to draw 10 amps, you do the math). This is probably big enough, and at 65 NZ bucks it's a pretty cheap too. I think that's about 3.20 US :-)
      Anyway, getting to the point, look at page
      The small controller is part # K3085
      The good news is part # K3087 on the same page:
      Use with routers, jigsaws, grinders, circular saws, electric whipper snippers, electric weed eaters etc. Control available from fully stopped to maximum speed. Uses modern switch mode power supply techniques. Rating of up to 10A @ 240V. Constructed in safe, earthed diecast case. Interference suppression included. Power source required: 240V AC. Supplied with all components, PCB, pre-punched diecast case and screened front panel. Not suitable for induction or shaded pole motors.
      164 bucks sounds expensive, but I've looked around and can't find all of the components for less than that.
      This blurb doesn't mention it, but the box said it also included suppression for induced current coming back from the load (not useful for an element, but good for motors)
      There is one issue though. I had occasion to visit an electric element manufacturer today (Stokes NZ in Penrose 526 4750, spoke to Nivan. Great guy, really helpful, they can make you a custom anything for a fair price) We didn't have the electrical background between us, but he seemed to think that phase angle controllers would reduce the life of the element. I think by breaking down the magnesium oxide packing in the element. Maybe one of you knows more about this? He was also under the impression that they were illegal in NZ.

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