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Re: [Distillers] peat substitute.

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  • Dick
    In message , cameron wright writes ... Hi Cameron, Don t think it would have the
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 26, 2002
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      In message <20020926024716.68235.qmail@...>, cameron
      wright <damadrussian@...> writes
      >Hello all.
      >I have an idea. Could dried spagnum moss be used as a
      >peat substitute? (when drying grain, i.e barley) I was
      >considering it. And would like some feed back.
      Hi Cameron,

      Don't think it would have the same flavouring effect that peat
      does, if you've ever been down wind of a peat fire you'll know what I
      mean. Peat is made up of the decayed remains of many different plants
      that have had years to mature in a damp, acid environment, spagnum moss
      is a single plant and although I must have burnt it in the past I don't
      recall any memorable smell.

      Spagnum moss was/is also used as natural antiseptic dressing for
      wounds so it might also have a go at our yeasts. Well at least you wash
      will be clean, no alcohol though ........... !!!!!
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