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RE: [new_distillers] Thump keg

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    Things are just great, thanks. On Saturdays got out to the Hokonui Moonshine Museum , which has just opened up nearby. Its a bit of a local celebration of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2000
      Things are just great, thanks. On Saturdays got out to the "Hokonui
      Moonshine Museum", which has just opened up nearby. Its a bit of a local
      celebration of the moonshine history in this area, with mock-ups, a few old
      stills, recipes, stories from locals, etc. Not a bad display. I'll post
      several photos on my site once i get them developed.

      I'm not quite so sure about your Thump keg. It sounds similar to the
      "slobber box" mentioned in "The Lore of Still Building". This is a can/box
      etc in the tube between the still and the condensor, where some condensate
      is allowed to form/drop-off before the condensor. It seems an inefficient
      way of going about things. If the purpose is to get a little reflux
      happening in the pot still (and some does happen, probably 10-25% of the
      vapour), then this would be better done by redesigning the head. This is
      why the typical pot still headnarrows in a bit, then flares out, before it
      narrows towards the offtake (lyne arm). (go visit the various Scotch
      whiskey distillery sites on the web for pictures) This wide-narrow-wide
      business causes the vapour to go through a slight compression-expansion,
      and thus condense out some of its vapour. Doing it in the head means that
      this liquiid will then run back into the still, for reuse (not wasted), and
      on the way, clean up the vapour going past it a little.

      Having it as a seperate attachment would appear (and i am just guessing
      here) to do nothing for it. It doesn't "double your stilling capacity"
      unless it has a heat source under it. All its doing is blowing bubbles,
      until the liquid in there is at the same temperature as the vapour. At
      this point, it wont strip any further water from the vapour, but the vapour
      will simply carry on through at the same composition. Likewise, the fusels
      wont get trapped there either. Seems just a waste of time and effort,
      just to throw away the alcohol which does collect there. Or have i
      missed something in your description ? Does it have an extra heat source
      (other than the vapour entering it ?).

      To really tidy up the spirit via a pot still, you should try "double
      distillling" it - past it all through the still once, then do it a second
      (or even third)time. This is how the commercial distillers do it. They
      sort-of cheat a little too - they use two seperate stills- a large one
      first, to produce the "low wines", then a smaller second one to take these
      and turn them into the "good stuff". For more details, see


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      Tony! How is everything? Just wondering if you have ever heard of a
      thump keg ? [Cousin Bill] says I need one to make good shine. A thump
      keg would be another kettle like you have but would be connected with a
      piece of copper tubing from the top of your original still then it would
      slide down inside the compression fitting in the second kettle down
      far enough that it would only be maybe a couple of inches from the
      bottom. As the mash heats up in the first kettle the hot steam pushes
      into the mash in the second kettle heating it up thereby increasing your
      stilling capacity by 100%. [this is of course a potstill] After making
      your first run you then clean both kettles pouring your singlings into
      your thump keg and once again filling your still with fresh mash and
      running it allthrough. you should then have good smooth shine.I only had
      a chance to meet and talk to [Cousin Bill] one time but tried my best to
      pick his brain. If I use a thump keg I guess I need to have a
      thermometer in the thump keg right? Just wondering on yor thoughts!!

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