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RE: [new_distillers] To Tony Ackland

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    Jack, Sorry for the late reply - I ve been away for the week on business. Surprising how that can get in the way of a hobby. ... No, I don t control the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2001

      Sorry for the late reply - I've been away for the week on business.
      Surprising how that can get in the way of a hobby.

      > ... the problem I have is
      >controling the temp of the boiler.It seems to be too erratic on the
      >temp control.(the tower temp is up and down like a yoyo!) Do you use
      >the thermostat on the Vacola to control the boiler temp, or have you
      >a triac controller to do this? If so,have you made it yourself or
      >have you used one from another appliance.

      No, I don't control the boiler. I just set the thermostat to maximum, so
      that it will stay on all the time. To do this, all you need is to make
      sure that the column is wide enough to handle all the vapour. Mine's a 1.5
      inch diameter, and its real happy. To control the temperature & purity at
      the top of the column (where it counts), all I do is adjust the reflux
      ratio - eg the amount of distillate being returned to trickle back down
      over the packing. This way the temperature stays rock steady. I wrote a
      fairly long rant about this on the 25th, to the "Distillers" group (not
      "New Distillers") called "Re: Temperature range". If interested, I can
      repost it here if you want.

      >I would appreciate any info you can supply regarding this problem
      >with the Vacola boiler.Do you have pics of your still?

      I'll try and post some pictures soon. Just a matter of finishing the rest
      of the film and getting it developed. My biggest hassle at this stage is
      getting a good seal between the lid and pot. I'm going to try the "split
      tubing" approach next weekend (my next distilling day)

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