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RE: [new_distillers] 25%

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  • Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)
    I mean until the purity of the distillate is only 25% The ratio of how much this is, compared to what you started with will depend on how strong your original
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2000
      I mean until the purity of the distillate is only 25%

      The ratio of how much this is, compared to what you started with will depend
      on how strong your original mash is - eg if your original mash of 4 gallons
      is only 5% alcohol, you will only get about 0.4 gallons off it, whereas if
      it is at 20%, you will collect more like 1.6 gallons. So there are no hard
      and fast rules coming from this way - its all too variable - measure the
      distillate instead.

      This requires you to measure the strength of the distillate as it is
      collected, say every pint. When using a pot still, the purity changes over
      time - it will start off at say 50%, then slowly start decreasing as the run
      progresses (eventually you would end up with just water coming over if you
      wait long enought !)

      See http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/pot_calc.htm for an example of
      this, that you can adjust to suit your situation. Notice how the % purity
      drops from the start. This example may be of use for you to know how much
      the total collected will be.

      (Use the conversion calculator at
      http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/wash.htm#convert to do the L/gallons
      and F/C for you)

      It realy does help to have a couple of tools when distilling - a thermometer
      and a hydrometer (spirit float). Both are about NZ$15 or US$8. Check out
      the commercial suppliers like Des or Ray for prices - and airfreight isnt a
      lot these days. Together these take a hell of a lot of the guesswork out of

      Also - the temperature of the distillate - it doesn't matter if pot or
      reflux. You want this to be cool enough so that you have made sure all the
      alcohol vapour has condensed. You don't want this highly
      flammable/explosive vapour floating around your kitchen. Its hard to spot
      as a vapour - so don't run the risk - so make sure that its always well
      below 70C - eg cool enough to hold your finger under. I've heard that it
      should be warm however, rather than cold, so that when it "drops" into the
      bottle, there is more likelyhood of any remaining fusels to come off as
      vapour. This is why you should let the distillate drop in, rather than just
      run down the side, and also to never put the end of the tube/worm under the
      surface of the liquid (will definately cause and fusel vapours to condense).


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      Hey! Tony! What do you mean when you say distill down 25% or down to
      25%? Do you mean if I have 4gal. of mash in my still I should distill
      out 1 gal.? Or do I distill out 3 gal. approx. of course this is only
      after throwing the first 4 to 6 oz away! Sorry about the old english
      system . I'm just one of those stubborn Americans that refuse to learn
      anything new! Thanks for taking time to help me out.

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