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Re: [new_distillers] Gen.quary on boiler jacketed stills and steam ejection

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  • Mike Nixon
    goldenshine65802 wrote: Subject: [new_distillers] Gen.quary on boiler jacketed stills and steam ejection Howdy Hi all, I posted pretty much the same question
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      goldenshine65802 wrote:
      Subject: [new_distillers] Gen.quary on boiler jacketed stills and steam

      Howdy Hi all, I posted pretty much the same question awhile back , but got
      no real answere in return. Even tried to get some anseres from
      Biofuels@... but no luck there either, so I will try again.

      I,m building a boiler jacketed still, my boiler jacket is 17"x!7" made from
      316 S.S. and is 3/16inch thick. Both top and bottom plates are 6 gauge 316
      My distillation tank is made out of 14 gauge 316 S.S. And is 8"x 34" and
      will hold 5gals. of heavy grain mash or fermented fruit pulp. The tank will
      sit 4" above the bottom of the boiler tank.

      The first question is will my boiler jacket be big enough to heat 5 gals. of
      heavy mash?

      Second question I can or will use 2- 4500wt. emersion heater elements would
      these be better placed at the bottem or midway in the boiler jacket ? The
      jacket will be insulated with 2" of insulation and have a S.S. protective
      sheild around it.

      Third Question should I add a water circ. pump and a water preheater?
      Question 5 would a steam injection device be of any help in heating the mash
      or would this be a over kill. I have all the safety valves and
      regulators, temp and presure gauges.
      Hi George,

      One of the beer brewing guys might be better at answering this (have you
      tried their lists?), but there may be someone on this list with direct
      experience of what you propose doing. I'm just shooting in the dark here.

      I'm left scratching my head over the dimensions you give, but assume that
      you will have the "distillation tank" sitting inside the "boiler tank" and
      plan to distil directly without first straining off solids. My return
      question to you is "why?" Does anyone know if this is a practical
      technique? My personal preference would be to strain the solids off, with
      washing to do a thorough job, then deal with the resulting liquid in a
      conventional boiler. Unlike beer brewing, it doesn't matter if you add
      extra water in the washing process.

      The power of your heater elements seems rather high too ... 9 kW. It willl
      certainly heat up fast, but will it be controllable once it is boiling,
      wherever you put the elements? With the turbulence from such massive
      heating, I doubt very much whether you would need a circulation pump.

      Steam injection is for experts. It is very efficient, and is the usual
      commercial method for heating, but it can be rather dangerous in an amateur
      setting. Despite all the safety valves etc you have, please bear in mind
      that steam is unforgiving and can result in nasty accidents.

      Sorry if this doesn't help much, and I may have missed the point entirely.
      Anyone out there with better knowledge?

      Mike Nixon
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