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Column filtration

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  • ken hawkyard-gibson
    ... name=mcnvrt.zip Hi all, Waiting a week for the elixer to be carboned seems somewhat one hell of a wait. I made myself a column filter using 2m x 35mm
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2000
      --- Aaron Smith <azamith@...> wrote:
      > Hi Mike,
      > I too suffer from the same yeastie smelling
      > distillate,
      > I can remove it 100% ( or at least it doesn't smell)
      > with carbon filtering
      > I cut the alcohol down to 40% and then carbon treat
      > it for a week or two,
      > filtering it is easy, you can use coffee filter
      > paper or lately I have been
      > using cotton wool
      > balls , this works fantastic, just make sure that
      > you use pure cotton as
      > when you run your 40% alc
      > throught the filter you don't want the alc picking
      > up bad stuff.
      > this will test your metric.
      > out of a 25 litre fermenter with 8 kilograms of
      > sugar in it, using turbo
      > extra yeast( a fine NZ product)
      > I get roughly 8 to 9 litres of 40% alcohol(after I
      > cut it down)
      > usually about 3 and a bit litres at 95% before I cut
      > it
      > also, what percentage are you getting from your
      > still, not that this should
      > matter too much
      > not sure what you mean by one and a half bottles
      > ie whats that in litres or equiv.
      > enc is a program that helps convert metric to not
      > metric!!
      > its good and helps me understand the american folk,
      > hopefully it helps you understand expat kiwi's
      > it is also found at
      > http://go.to/distil
      > under theory and research
      > cheers
      > hope that this is of some help
      > Smithers
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Mike Evans <mre124@...>
      > The only problem I have is
      > > it's
      > > distinct smell of yeast. The mash I used was a
      > sugar/water mixture,
      > > and I distilled to up to the temperature of around
      > 82 and then quit.
      > > What would be the easy way to carbon polish my
      > distillate? I tried
      > > running it through a Brita Water filter twice and
      > it helped but has
      > > not totally cleared up the smell?
      > >
      > > My other question would be, could I put in too
      > much sugar or yeast
      > > whn
      > > making the mash? I don't think I used too much
      > yeast, I have heard
      > > before that you don't really need alot of yeast
      > because it multiples.
      > >
      > > Is this true? Out of 10 gal. I only got out 1 and
      > half bottles, Could
      > > I have put in too much sugar?
      > >
      > > Thanks, all suggestions are appreciated
      > > Mike

      > ATTACHMENT part 2 application/x-zip-compressed

      Hi all,
      Waiting a week for the elixer to be carboned seems
      somewhat one hell of a wait. I made myself a column
      filter using 2m x 35mm copper tubing with a decent
      sized funnel attached with adhesive on one end and a
      couple of coffee filter papers on the other end held
      on with a hose clip. I fill the column with carbon
      (2lts capacity) and fill the funnel up with the
      alcohol it takes 15 to twenty minutes for the alcohol
      to work its way through the column and probably takes
      4 -5 hours to filter 5ltrs. Curiously when you first
      introduce the alcohol(40%vol) you can tell where it
      has got to in the column by the temperature of the
      pipe which seems to get very hot on the leading edge
      for some reason. The finished product is without smell
      or off taste (very drinkable)
      regards Ken

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