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Re: Quick Questions about foreshots

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  • tgfoitwoods
    Hunter, My first impression of the Spike kits is that yes, that s what any brewers or winemakers yeast will do for you, but 48 hours seems wildly optimistic;
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      My first impression of the Spike kits is that yes, that's what any brewers or winemakers yeast will do for you, but 48 hours seems wildly optimistic; at reasonable temperatures, 3 to 5 days is more realistic.

      As far as the nasty chemical are concerned, you need to know that distillation neither creates of destroys compounds (aside from a possible creation of some esters, flavoring agents, in the boiling/vaporizing part, but these are not toxins, but flavors). All distillation does is to change the relative concentrations of volatile liquids from the wash to the vapor. This means that if there are any toxins in the distillate, those same toxins are also in the wash, whether that wash is a wine of a beer, or a hard cider, or even a sugar wash (which, properly done, actually has less toxins than most washes). There's no reason that the yeasts in the Spike kits will produce any more (or less) toxic material than any other commercial or homebrew fermentation.

      If you're not afraid of the tiny amounts of toxins in your wine or your beer or your hard cider (which has one of the highest methanol concentrations of all washes, even though it's tiny and completely safe), you have no reason to fear your distillate.

      What IS true, is that some of the nastiest-smelling and -tasting compounds that you'd drink (and enjoy) in your beer or in your wine are concentrated in the early fractions of a distillation run, and nobody in their right mind wants to have that evil-smelling junk concentrated in the liquor they worked so hard to get. If you were to drink your heads and foreshots mixed in with the rest of your distillate, it would not do serious harm, but you'd have the same kind of headache and nasty mouth you'd get from drinking the cheap booze. If you decide you wanted to drink just the foreshots, I suppose you could feel bad, but if you could get that nasty stuff past your nose, you deserve to feel bad, but you won't kill yourself.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller Making Fine Spirits

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "hunterharrison8" wrote:
      > I have read on on every single distilling website I have looked at, to toss the first part (depending on how large my wash is) of my distillings because of its nasty chemicals that are poisonous. My real question comes about in this (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003QVL4SW). (And just in case the link didn't work, its a pack of about 8 packets of yeast and an airlock that you're supposed to put on a 64 oz juice bottle, and in about 48 hours you have about 14% - 17% abv) my question is, if I have to toss my foreshots because its deadly harmful, how is it that I can drink this "make your own alcoholic juice" with out having to filter it or alter it? is it a different strain of yeast? or does it exist in the juice in such small amounts that it doesn't hurt you? or is it poison that I should stay away from? Thanks
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