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  • pocoian2000
    ... please? How ... you attach ... it. However, I ... proper ... but ... know ... to save ... well wrap ... damn near ... dropped ... boiler with ... (ss
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2002
      --- In new_distillers@y..., John Vandermeulen <vandermeulen@n...>
      > Hello Billy!
      > Nice to see your posting.
      > Would you describe for me the kettle-dome setup you referred to,
      please? How
      > wide are the rims, how do you affix the dome to the kettle, how did
      you attach
      > the column to the dome, etc.?
      > At present I use a 16L s.s.kettle and the flat lid that came with
      it. However, I
      > have been considering a s.s. mixing bowl if I can find one with the
      > diameter.
      > John V
      > BillyWeeble@c... wrote:
      > > In a message dated 7/2/02 9:46:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
      > > ianelamacsween@s... writes:
      > >
      > > << A few years ago "space blankets" were very popular items with
      > > backpackers. They were very compact and not at all comfortable -
      > > they assured survival if you got stranded in the snow. I don't
      > > if they are still available - but I think they would be ideal to
      > > retain heat in your boiler >>
      > >
      > > Howdy all, I had one of those so called "Space Blankets" and
      to save
      > > anyone time and money I'll tell you right now that you may as
      well wrap
      > > yourself up in plastic wrap as use one of those pieces of crap. I
      damn near
      > > froze to death because of one while backpacking and the temp
      > > unexpectedly. I burned it for warmth the next morning. I heat my
      boiler with
      > > gas and use non-papered fiberglass as insulation over the dome
      (ss mixing
      > > bowl). A larger ss bowl covers it for looks and to hold it down.
      Made a world
      > > of difference.

      Good thing I never got lost in the snow! The only time I used my
      Space Blanket was to wrap it around my sleeping bag - seemed to work
      fine - but then again I had a good sleeping bag. Carried it around in
      my day pack for years. Guess I'll stick to my wool blanket when I
      heat up the still!
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