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Re: [new_distillers] no activeity

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  • Bob Glicksman
    You didn t say what your feedstock is. Assuming that it is mash (starch), make sure hat you have converted all starch to sugar by using iodine (Lugol s)
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2013
      You didn't say what your feedstock is.  Assuming that it is "mash" (starch), make sure hat you have converted all starch to sugar by using iodine (Lugol's) solution to test a small sample.  If the sample turns purple with a drop or two of iodine, you have not converted all of the starch to sugar.

      Once you have converted all starch to sugar, test your "wort" with a triple scale hydrometer in order to obtain the brix number (or % potential alcohol based upon the Brix or SG reading -- all three scales are on the hydrometer).  Also test the wort's pH to make sure that it is within the specified range of your yeast (albeit yeast isn't highly sensitive to pH).  Also test the temperature to make sure that it is within the range of your yeast.

      If all of this looks OK, you may need to add some yeast nutrient (DAP), although you should see some fermentation even if your mash is poor in nutrients.

      I always like to make a "yeast starter" to pitch into my wort.  I take 1/2 cup of water, boil it to sterilize, add in two tablespoons of table sugar, mix thoroughly until all of the sugar is dissolved, cool to within the temperature range that my yeast is specified for, and add in the yeast.   Cover loosely with wax paper and let the yeast rehydrate and multiply wildly for a hour or two (or while cooking the mash).  If you let this sit for a long time, give it a good stir every 1/2 hour or so to make sure that there is plenty of oxygen in the liquid (so that the yeast multiplies and doesn't make alcohol).  You should see lots of foaming action on top and a very cloudy liquid (indicating lots and lots of yeast cells).  Dump this "yeast starter" into your wort, mix well, and transfer to the fermentation vessel.  Visible fermentation will begin within an hour or less and will become quite robust the next day.  Guaranteed!

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      I have making my mash for a while now and for some reason the next day their is no fermentation going on. I have been following the recipe by the letter and also doing it the same way. Does any body have any idea what i might be doing wrong? Gene

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