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Re: Boiler insulation?

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  • pocoian2000
    ... thermal ... couple of ... A few years ago space blankets were very popular items with backpackers. They were very compact and not at all comfortable -
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 2, 2002
      --- In new_distillers@y..., "Robert N" <dinks_c@y...> wrote:
      > Around these parts the canvas/tarpaulin makers use it to make
      > resistant cooler bags. That is where I got mine. It cost $5 for a
      couple of
      > metres.
      > Yours' in Spirit!
      > Robert
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      A few years ago "space blankets" were very popular items with
      backpackers. They were very compact and not at all comfortable - but
      they assured survival if you got stranded in the snow. I don't know
      if they are still available - but I think they would be ideal to
      retain heat in your boiler. (They were designed to retain the heat
      from you body)

      I no longer have a "space blanket" but have found that just draping
      an old Mexican wool blanket around my boiler increases heat up time
      by a half hour!
      > > Hi all,
      > > I want to insulate my boiler in the interest of decreasing the
      > > it takes to do a run.
      > We can get a material here that is commonly known as 'aluminum foil
      > wrap'. It's constructed of a single layer of very strong bubble
      > sandwiched between two sheets of mylar. One 1/4" layer of this
      material is
      > purported to be equivalent to R-12.
      > It can sometimes be found discarded by grocery stores - I am told
      that it
      > is used in the packing of fresh berries and other perishable
      fruits. A
      > local friend got over 20 square meters this way, for free.
      > Adding a layer of this material noticeably improved both the
      > stability and efficiency of my column. It's very easy to work with
      > seems to be suitably heat resistant. I am thinking about adding
      a 'cap' of
      > this material around the upper 1/2 of my boiler, to improve the
      > of that component.
      > -- Dr. M. Legendre
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