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Re: (progress!) More construction questions...

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  • tgfoitwoods
    No problem with repetition, Damion. I m just sorry I ve been so slow responding. As far as configuration of that coffeepot still head, aside from proper vapor
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2013
      No problem with repetition, Damion. I'm just sorry I've been so slow responding.

      As far as configuration of that coffeepot still head, aside from proper vapor flow and condensation, a major criterion was balance. That whole question mark shape was something I stole from a little gin still on homedistillers, because it comes close to putting the center of mass of the still head close to the centerline of the boiler. With the typical (sorta) round-bottom coffeepot, if you get the center of mass too far off to the side, the whole still just tips over, which is a pain. Admittedly, you can build some sort of support, but I wanted construction to be as simple as possible. With its wide base, the Erlenmeyer will be a lot more forgiving with respect to tipping over, so you could probably extend the vapor path (after the condenser, which gets heavy when filled with water) out to the side enough to allow collection glass placement. A longer cooling jacket would make the tipping problem worse.

      As far as height of the condenser output goes, I just used a pancake-mix can (all very high-tech) to raise the collection glass up to the condensate output.

      I hope this helps, but if you need more, please don't hesitate.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller Making Fine Spirits

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "damionpseudonym" wrote:
      > Sorry if these are getting repetitive, but I figure, better to ask the experts before I go mangling things than afterwards, plus, you guys are being INCREDIBLY helpful.
      > So, mats (barring therm and rubber hoses for h2o) have been gotten and bending and cutting and such of OD tubing has commenced (doing this in my very off-off hours, so progress is slow). I get everything cut to size (approximately.....), and am pleased with how easy the copper is to bend into the shapes I want (spring-coil benders rock).
      > I assemble the pipes in the proper arrangement to check fit, prior to removing burrs and cleaning and sealing. Then, on a whim, I pop the 3/8 into the rubber stopper on the flask, and something occurs to me. A Erlenmeyer Flask is absolutely not the same shape or height as a coffee pot. The condenser will need to be considerably different looking to accomodate this.
      > So, before I go tearing through a new set of copper to redesign the wheel to fit my current situation, is there a logic to the ratios between the lengths of the CP still? Or as long as the vapor goes up, and in, and around, and then down through the condenser portion, without too much wasted space, will constructing it to fit the flask be okay? I'm thinking I'll need a much longer downspout to accommodate the greater height, and am wondering if a longer cooling jacket than the 8" specified will matter.
      > Thanks.
      > -=DeePseudo the wordy bastard
      > p.s. starting to see why people just buy these. Damn "punkrock" DIY attitude.
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