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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Full Thumper

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    KM and all, Yep, We went up to a 1 gal. jar thumper for a 3 gal. pot still, insulated it with a foil backed bubble wrap then put in a quart of tails. After the
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      KM and all, Yep, We went up to a 1 gal. jar thumper for a 3 gal. pot still, insulated it with a foil backed bubble wrap then put in a quart of tails. After the run it had no more liquid in than when we started which was what we were hoping for. We ran our first  PBS through it, came out real nice. Used corn we picked ourselves and light brown sugar . Followed the instruction in Pops' recipe, it smelled good through the entire fermentation process. Thanks to Everyone who gave us feed back on this .ML 
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      I was reading this thread it seemed to me to get a little confusing, so i just want to clarify a few points.

      Generally speaking, I've found the word "Thumper" & "Doubler" to mean the same thing and used interchangeably.

      It is used to describe a secondary vessel positioned after the boiler of a potstill into which wash or other alcohol containing liquid (tails, etc.) is added such that the boiler vapors to pass through it. It acts like a 2nd boiler, raising the %abv of the distillate collected from the condenser, which is the reason for its use.

      Insulating it helps it work. Keeping it near the main pot also helps. The %abv of the wash would determine the size you would want to use (if you run a low %abv then you'll want a bigger thumper).
      Typically i've seen them 20%-30% the volume of the main pot for hobby stills.

      Having said all that, i would recommend that the OP's(kekedog13) friend make his thumper at least 2.5 quarts and use wash instead of water. And as was stated in previous posts, insulate it or move closer to the boiler to retain heat and don't run the still too fast.

      Also, the item placed between the pot and condenser to collect 'puke' is known as a 'slobber box' and is not set up the same as a thumper.
      Of course if you have 'puke' coming out of the still you've got too much wash and/or too much heat.

      Hope this helps.


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      > Some places the thumper IS called a doubler, so here you are correct.  It depends on what you use in the thumper.  During you first run, you will probably use just water.  Here you should redistill the thumper liquid after the final run.  As time goes on, the liquid in the thumper will contain a high degree of alcohol.
      >   If you are doing many runs at a time and your thumper is hot, you can dump its contents into the boiler after each run and use it as a diluter to your wash.  Your next run you will be collecting more than your first because of the alcohol content of the thumper also being collected and you fill your thumper with fresh water.  After this run you can either leave the liquid in the thumper and run again, doubling the alcohol in the thumper and collect it in the next run.
      >   You can also use alcohol in the thumper and this will give you a sense of doubling you output but here you are diluting this alcohol with water that condenses from the potstill.  Remember, using a potstill you will condense water along with the product.  To get a purer product, you need to use a reflux still or refractionating column and follow any one of the proceedures, LM Liquid Management, CM Cooling management or VM vapor Management and you will get a higher ABV alcohol by volumn from each run.
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      > Since a thumper is also called a doubler I thought it's purpose was to double distill thus making a more pure and more potent (higher proof) product without having to re-run it, was I mistaken in this thinking ?
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      > >Having a cold thumper will impede the vapors travles to the condenser.  Most of the vapor will condense inside the thumper causing it to fill with condensate.  This is why you distill the contents of the thumper in your nrxt run, to collect the residual alcohol in the liquid of the thumper.  By insulating the thumper Or heating it externally the vapor will proceed to the condenser although some will always be left behind in the thumper which will have to be collected during your next run or at the end of your remaining runs.
      > >  The only reason to use a thumper is to prevent puke from entering the condenser and it is usually utilized only on a pot still where controll of heat is generally an issue.
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      > >In truth the thumper was not being driven hard enough. True about the insulation. It could be the thumper is just too big. It is a balancing act to get a thumper to behave well. A half gallon thumper matches a 15.5 keg well being heated with 1.5kw. For a 16kw rig a 15 gallon thumper works well but only stays at about 6 gallons. --- In mailto:new_distillers%40yahoogroups.com, White Bear <sha_man_1@> wrote: > > Sounds to me like he either was pushing the boiler to fast or the thumper was not insulated and wasn't keeping heat in enough to allow the vapor to continue to his condenser.  In other words, the vapor was condensing in the thumper, filling it to overflowing.  A little bit of insulation goes a long way to keeping the thumper hot. > White Bear > >  http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/IandEAquaponics/ > http://www.gofundme.com/u9ahw > smslc.org > > > ________________________________ > From: kekedog13 <kekedog13@> > To:
      > mailto:new_distillers%40yahoogroups.com > Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2012 3:58 PM > Subject: [new_distillers] Full Thumper > > > >   > > I saw a ready made 3 gallon still that had a quart jar for a thumper. I know someone who built one and filled the jar about half way with clean water. During his run the jar filled up to the out put tube and he had to shut it down and siphon some out in order to continue. Where did he go wrong ? ML >

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