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Re: PDA-1

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  • allmark.john
    ... Hi wanted to buy the pda1 but don t want to buy blind, would you send me pic of the in side of the head. Thanks
    Message 1 of 18 , Jul 17, 2012
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "dark_taet" <ndistillers@...> wrote:
      > Ahhhhhh
      > Interesting the PDA-1 does about 4 drops per minute for very pure
      > Vodka... Interesting... So very similar output to your design... I
      > would have thought with the extra height you would have been able to
      > draw off faster...
      > As for the cooling, if i turn down the watts i have the same kind of
      > result. I find around the 600 to 700w about right. Are you running
      > gas or electricity...? How many watts of heat are you using..?
      > Now, the reason why i was adding the extra height is i wanted to run
      > the unit at 1400W and take off 30 or 40ml a minute... Not sure how
      > i'll go for purity, need to play around to get it right.
      > As i said first time around, my issue isn't the design or the way it
      > works.. its patience... (yes i dont have much)
      > As for understanding your way of optimising take off, i would
      > sincerly love to hear it, afterall thats what the list is all about.
      > Ohhhh and on the front, i noticed you have pulled your designs from
      > Tony's site and from the groups... Hoping you would re-consider
      > putting them back, they are IMHO brilliant.
      > As for the cows... no... didnt get it.. And you totally lost me
      > with the whole dragon thing... ;-)
      > Matt
      Hi wanted to buy the pda1 but don't want to buy blind, would you send me pic of the in side of the head. Thanks
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