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  • wildforager1
    Geoff, Thanks for the tips! -LJ
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 25, 2012

      Thanks for the tips!


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "geoff burrows" <jeffrey.burrows@...> wrote:
      > Hi Little John,
      > Bin the crappy scrubbers, don�t even bother with the marbles, and get yourself some decent stainless steel scrubbers (bring a good strong fridge magnet with you and if the stainless steel scrubbers are attracted to them they have ferrous metal in them (now having said that some perfectly good stainless steel grades are attracted) To be on the safe side just go somewhere else.
      > As regards having some of that nice helpful copper in your vapour path you should have enough copper in the worm to smooth out the ethanol for the moment. But try to get some copper scrubbers for the future, to be absolutely sure know if you�re getting the 100% copper scrubbers. (They�ll have it advertised on the pack, if it�s 100% copper scrubbers they want you to know they�re the good quality scrubbers and to let you know they won't scratch your nice shiny pans).
      > I would now dilute the remaining product one part distillate to about four parts water. That means if you have a 60% abv product along with the nasty metallic stuff. That�s one pint of 60% abv distillate to four pints of water with that 4-1 ratio i.e. five parts and one fifth of 60% is 12% you would be in the ball park of about 12% abv when diluted it should now be like a normal wash. Now do a stripping run (that means run hard and reasonably fast to strip the low boiling alcohols the nail polish stuff, the good hearts ethanol nice nearly sweet-ish neutral stuff and the high boiling alcohols with the card board taste) then dilute half a teaspoon of the product and taste. If it now tastes reasonably ok (bearing in mind you have heads and tails in there) i.e. no metallic taste you're swinging low my friend. Now dilute the whole lot again a good 50-50 and do a long, low and slow run, discarding the heads and tails and these can be thrown into your next run. And you should be able to produce some good neutral vodka to experiment with. Making some fancy bottles like Baileys and the like (the recipe is in the forum just search for it). I think I have all that about right no doubt I will be enlightened if it�s wrong
      > Geoff
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