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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Newbie needs guidence

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  • Adam Fordham
    Nice looking. . I use stainless but copper does look awesome. Sent from
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      Nice looking. . I use stainless but copper does look awesome.

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      Now I see what your talking about. You should be fine doing it this

      Good luck.

      JB. aka Waldo.

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      > Hey JB,
      > Thanks for the reply.
      > My still has no packing what so ever.
      > The top condenser chills the vapors in a way that I have very little
      or no reflux…
      > Check the schematic drawing here:
      > As you can see in the drawing, the red marked part inside the still
      head forces the droplets to the coil condenser as they chill, leaving
      little work for the coil to do.
      > From the tests I've done so far just the top condenser is enough to
      give me liquid at the end without chilling the coil condenser, but I
      never use it this way.
      > It´s hard for me to get high ABVs on the first run, so I guess I
      have no option but to do it right.
      > I think I should strip with just the coil and do a second run using
      both condensers at 30%.
      > Did I get this right?
      > Thanks again.

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