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Re: clouded distillate

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  • flakedmaize
    I don t know what my abv is because I can t get a clear sample for my og. I tried a refractometer that I have, but the scale does nt go low enough(its meant
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 21, 2011
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      I don't know what my abv is because I can't get a clear sample for my og. I tried a refractometer that I have, but the scale does'nt go low enough(its meant for higher concentrations of sugar). The iodine test shows no starch presence and it tastes very sweet to very sour after about 72 hours. Im sure I have good conversion. I also put my last 2 batches in with the wash, heads tails hearts, everything, because it all tasted awful. I switched to tails around 120 proof I think. I am sure at points it was over 150 proof. I took off 100 ml foreshots, 200ml heads then numbered jars 1 thru 6 of varying amounts,then tails till 90 proof or so. Only used the parrot at the end to watch for sharp drop. After much tasting and debate I mixed jars 1 thru 5, leaving 6 with 200 ml clear, and tails 350ml or so and very cloudy. The resulting mix of 1 thru 5 was 150 proof, I dont know what they were individually. I'm running through a 1" copper column 18" tall and quart mason jar doubler, the stomper setups they sell online(hope I don't offend anyone). I will try some different water, good idea, thanks

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      > Flaked,
      > Have had that problem too even with distilled water when I thought I
      > didn't go deep into the tails. I doubt its the distilled water - more
      > likely what you mentioned - fusel oils from the tails. Now with a
      > doubler, me thinks you should be getting higher then 150 proof. How low
      > did you go down to and what was the ABV of your fermentation? Now not
      > saying its the distilled water, but try taking a sample with some
      > different water and dilute that down to 90 proof and see if it clouds up
      > again. If it does then you went too deep into the tails.
      > JB. aka Waldo.
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      > >
      > > Hey Everyone
      > >
      > > I am on my third batch(first that is palatable) of all grain corn
      > liquor, run through a pot still with a doubler. I actually copied one
      > from a site that sells them before I found this amazing resource called
      > new distillers. I am not very happy with the design or efficiency, new
      > one coming soon. Anyway I ran 2 quarts at 150 proof, diluted with
      > distilled water down to 120 proof for ageing, equalled 2.75 quarts
      > (roughly). Took the 3/4 quart and adjusted down to 90 proof with
      > distilled water and it turned cloudy, or milky looking. The higher proof
      > is still clear as a bell. I had this problem before but it was tap
      > water and it instantly clouded all proofs, but this is store bought
      > distilled water. Fusels precipitated? I'm with buck naked anyway,
      > without this site I would still be floundering miserably, my second
      > still and 5 or 6 trys in the past 5 years, and you guys finally brought
      > it together for me. Thank You
      > >
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