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Re: New Still - Part 2

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  • bn42ca
    ... nice ... column ? I had stainless scrubbers in for the first go -round ... be a small ... through ... column as ... condensor. ... as before, ... cooler
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 1, 2002
      --- In new_distillers@y..., Tony & Elle Ackland <Tony.Ackland@c...>
      > Thats a great wee "firebox" condensor you've made there, and a
      > attachment to the keg.
      > Just one question for you - what are you using as packing in the
      column ?

      I had stainless scrubbers in for the first go -round

      > With the way you've got the water set up, theres always going to
      be a small
      > amount of self correction needed. Eg if you increase the flowrate
      > the reflux condensor, and return more of the vapour back down the
      column as
      > reflux, then less will be less hot vapour going to the final
      > Thus the water out of the final condensor wont be quite as warm
      as before,
      > so that the reflux condensor will then work even better with its
      > water, and reflux even more ...and so on ... etc Its probably
      that you're
      > going to have to be very carefull / patient when "tuning" it, just
      > it a small bit at a time, and letting it settle down into a new
      > after each time you adjust the flowrates.
      > See if you can start the column off at total reflux (ie as much
      > through the reflux condensor as possible), and then slowly reduce
      it, until
      > you first get the heads off at just a couple of drips per second.
      > you've finished collecting them, then just slowly reduce that
      coolant flow
      > until the alcohol is coming through at a reasonable flowrate at
      the purity
      > you're happy with. Its probably going to be easier to tune it
      that way -

      Yes, you're absolutely right and that's probably where I made my
      error, I think that I was in too much of a hurry and I should have
      started out with 15 or 20 min of total reflux before begining to run
      off the spirit. That's my plan for the next batch. Thanks!
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