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RE: [new_distillers] Re: blueberry wash ?

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  • Tampagamer
    Fruit flavors are a real pain which why some commercial company’s use extracts but it shows in the final project and I personally would rather have the taste
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      Fruit flavors are a real pain which why some commercial company’s use extracts but it shows in the final project and I personally would rather have the taste mild then over powering

      So stick to the real fruit


      hi all
      blue berries being so light on flavor aftor making your brandy i would also let a few blueberries soak for a few weeks in the finished product just for more flavor ...ben

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      Subject: [new_distillers] Re: blueberry wash ?


      Sounds ok as a recipe Bigdaddy.  Below this I included a recipe from Jack Keller That also looks good.   For distilling, i would try a single distillation first with tight cuts since there isnt much flavor in blueberries.  If this dont work, then go for a double distillation.  Will be smoother but might loose some flavors.
      JB. aka Waldo.


      Blueberries, like cranberries, bilberries, whortleberries, farkleberries, grouseberries, deerberries, mayberries, cowberries, and huckleberries, belong to the genus Vaccinium (although most botanists break huckleberries out into a seperate subgenus--Gaylussacia). There are dozens of species and varieties of blueberries in the United States and Canada ranging from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Gulf Coast to the Hudson Bay, but basically there are four groupings of wild blueberries--the dwarf, low (lowbush), high (highbush) and bog (or swamp) blueberry. Their plants can vary from a sprawling groundcover a few inches (dwarf) to three feet in height (lowbush) to large bushes 12 feet high (highbush) or to near-trees as large as 15 feet tall (bog).
      The fruit of the lowbush blueberry varies in color among species from blue to purple to black. The most common and important of the lowbush is the blue Vaccinium angustifolium, the species from which most commercial varieties were derived. Less common generally but inhabitants of the northeast are the black Vaccinium brittonii and the blue Vaccinium vacillans. Still, it is the Vaccinium angustifolium that is most common in the wilds of Maine to Wisconsin .
      Ripe blueberries can be crushed fresh for fermentation or dried for later chopping or mincing before being added to a must. They are usually sweet and aromatic but may retain some astringency until they have weathered a frost. They are rich in vitamins A, C and rutin, rich in iron and moderately rich in several other minerals, contain a fair amount of tannin and pectin, and contain malic, citric, tartaric, and benzoic acids. Their sugar content is moderate and they contain several glucosides. The oft-cited caution that they contain sorbic acid and will not ferment is completely untrue. It is their richness in chemistry that sometimes makes them difficult to actively inoculate with yeast, but this same richness makes for complex and varied wines once fermentation has run its course. Indeed, in a recent survey of favorite non-grape wines, blueberry was second only to blackberry in popularity.



      (Full Bodied)

      • 2 lb. blueberries
      • 1 lb. raisins
      • 2 lb. granulated sugar
      • ½ tsp. pectic enzyme
      • 1½ tsp. acid blend
      • ½ tsp. yeast energizer
      • water to 1 gallon
      • crushed Campden tablet
      • wine yeast

      Bring water to boil, then set aside. Wash and crush blueberries and put in primary fermentation vessel with all ingredients except yeast. Add hot water and stir to dissolve sugar. Cover well and allow to cool to 70-75 degrees F., then add yeast. Stir daily for 5-6 days or until specific gravity is 1.040. Strain out fruit pulp and press. Siphon into secondary fermentation vessel and fit fermentation trap. Rack in three weeks and again in three months. When wine is clear and stable, rack again and bottle. Allow a year to mature. Improves with age. [Adapted from Stanley F. Anderson and Raymond Hull 's The Art of Making Wine]  Note: when distilling, no need to age.

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com , "bigdaddyg851" <bigdaddyg851@...> wrote:

      > i have made blueberry wine for 20yrs, five gallons at a time. i have 10lbs
      of berries in the freezer left over from July . i have made all the blueberry pancakes, muffins, cakes, jams, etc, till next season ! should i use the same recipe that i would use to make wine . (RECIPE 1GAL )2 lbs blueberries, 1 lbs raisins, 2 lbs white granulated sugar gal water, 1/2 tsp yest energizer, 1/2 tsp pectic enzymes, 1 campden tablet, 60% PH . is there anything i can leave out to make a wash that i am just going to distill ? (i think the PH should be lower) . i want to ferment in open fermentation until complete and charge the still and run it.
      > brandy makers out there . for flavor, how would you run it, twice or make
      tight cuts on the first run .
      > thanks bigdaddyg

    • William Musall
      I would like to thank all of you on the bluberry wine thing. While I am working on one project my buddy is doing a wine project with blue berries alongside
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        I would like to thank all of you on the bluberry wine thing. While I am working on one project my buddy is doing a wine project with blue berries alongside strawberries using my advice. What a laugh since I don't know a lick about wine. You have helped both of us.

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        Dedfinity the backset.  Im a big fan of using this instead of water, which will just dilute the flavors even more;).

        JB.aka waldo.

        - In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "bigdaddyg851" <bigdaddyg851@...> wrote:

        > thanks waldo !
        > if i were to double distill would i dilute with the backwash from the run or with water ?

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