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2nd edition of Riku's book

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  • Harry
    The second edition of the Designing and building automatic stills is now available for orders at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2011
      The second edition of the "Designing and building automatic stills" is now available for orders at http://www.amphora-society.com/Designing-and-Building-Automatic-Stills--by-Riku_p_3.html
      Riku (one of our management team here) describes it thus...

      The second edition includes most of the new reasearch from the past three years culminating to a still that is capable of turning 10 liters of low wines from a 6kg sugar mash into 3.2 liters of neutral azeotropic ethanol in just three hours while automatically separating and removing heads + tails. It also introduces a new LaCreuz Mk2 still head that adds speed and adjustability to the Thor's hammer design and can even be built without soldering.

      regards Harry 
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