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  • missouri_bootlegger
    Here is the link to the company. https://www.azurestandard.com/
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 1, 2011
      Here is the link to the company.


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      > Sounds great!
      > Who and where are these people?
      > Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller
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      > ----snip----
      > > I have just found a great source for molasses in the USA. they are an organic food distributor based in OR they sell to individual coops and deliver all over the US. 5 gal lot for under $50.00 food grade no preservatives, it has lots of sugar and it taste great, I would say #1 blackstrap.
      > > I just started a ferment 1 gal molasses 3 gal water. SG was 1.115 so I added another gal of water brought the SG to 1.095 added 1 tbs yeast nuterant, 2 tbs EDV 493 Yeast, PH 5.4, airrated O2 for 20 min, pich @ 78F, it had CO2 from air lock in 30 min. I am using a heat belt to keep ferment @ 80F.
      > > I can't keep air lock full due to fast ferment. I started it on the 29th and it has only slowed to a CO2 discharge of every 3 sec on the 31st.
      > > I think it will take about 2-3 more days.I am excited about this one I think this is going to make some nice rum. I will post results in a few days.
      > > Missouri Bootlegger
      > >
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