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Re: Corn Mash

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  • missouri_bootlegger
    ... Thanks for the info I added 2 gal of water bringing total volume to 15 gal and got it up to temp. What a pain Hopefully I wont have to do this too often
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 11, 2010
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      > Can you tell me more about the Barley Malt? Thanks
      > Donna in ky
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      > >
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      > > I am trying to complete a corn mash and having a lot of trouble getting it to
      > >convert.
      > >
      > >
      > > 20 lbs finely ground corn
      > > 2lbs barley malt
      > > water added to bring total to 13 gal added 11-12 gal water
      > > 15 gal pot with propane burner
      > > this is pint o shine's recipe
      > >
      > > http://www.artisan-distiller.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=40
      > >
      > > I did the sour ferment I couldn't get to it so it sat for 6 days but is it
      > >around 60F in my basement it got sour.
      > > I added 1/4 pound of malt to the mix wile heating but getting it to 180F was
      > >not easy it gelled about 170F and got so thick that I had to add hot water it
      > >would thin out for a bit then thicken back up it was sticking so bad and
      > >starting to burn I had to shut off the burner and boil water to add I did get it
      > >to 180F with the boiling water it was thick. I wrapped the pot with insulation
      > >and let it cool at 152F I added 2 lbs of malt and 1 tbs of alphaalmase and it
      > >thinned out. 10 hrs later it was 112F I did a iodine test "black" so I heated it
      > >back up to 154F and added another 1 tbs alphaalmase rewraped it and let it cool
      > >9hrs later it is 120F and the test is black I am thinking I need to split it add
      > >more water and bring to 190F and hold for a wile any ideas?
      > >
      > Missouri,
      > You are encountering all the classic corn-whiskey hassles. First off, I've never
      > been able to get a clean no-starch iodine test, even when tasting indicated it
      > was pretty well converted. While I don't have my notes handy, here are the
      > procedures I use to avoid some of your hassles.
      > First, I do pint's lacto-souring just like it sounds you did. Then I heat my
      > water (sorry, no quantities now) to boiling and then add the pretty-dry soured
      > corn. It will now take a lot less heat to get the mash to boiling, but if it's
      > too thick to stir, add boiling water until you can live with it.
      > Cover with a towel or other insulation to keep it hot while it gelatinizes,
      > maybe an hour? Add cold water to get you down to 152 and thin that goop out a
      > bit more. I don't use barley malt anymore, but when you add the enzymes and
      > insulate with the towel for maybe 2 hours, the gloop will thin a bit more.
      > Forget about the iodine test, add cold water to cool to yeast-pitching temps,
      > and pitch your yeast starter. If at any point in the process the mixture is too
      > thick to work, don't hesitate to add more water. Yes, that means a slightly
      > lower-ABV wash, but I don't know what else to do. Just use any water additions
      > to accomplish whatever temperature changes you need to make.
      > When it comes time to lauter the wash off the grain, I personally feel that
      > gravity and time are the best approach. Clever ways of applying pressure just
      > seem to make the situation worse. I push a perforated bucket into the mash, down
      > to the bottom of the barrel, and about every day pump the liquid out of the
      > bucket until I have a still-full.
      > If this seems like pain in the ass, you'd be right. I'm just happy that I still
      > have a gallon or more of aged bourbon from last year, and that I prefer
      > barley-malt whiskies to corn. (Barley is WAY easier to work with)
      > Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller
      Thanks for the info I added 2 gal of water bringing total volume to 15 gal and got it up to temp. What a pain
      Hopefully I wont have to do this too often
      Missouri Bootlegger
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