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Re: Recommendations/Advice on Barrel Aging

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  • Harry
    ... and didn t come up with much... ... am planning to use for aging a recently double distilled grape based spirit. ... best extraction (of flavors, etc.)
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25, 2010

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "John Doe" <wannabedistiller@...> wrote:
      > I searched around on this forum for answers on the following questions and didn't come up with much...
      > I have a couple of used 2 gallon sap clear charred oak barrels that I am planning to use for aging a recently double distilled grape based spirit.
      > Three questions:
      > 1) Does anyone have comments on ideal alcohol levels to achieve the best extraction (of flavors, etc.) from a barrel?
      > I had heard/read that slightly lower ABV achieves better barrel extraction but have no basis for this.

      Commercials fill large barrels @ 63% abv.  They have to contend with costs associated.  Barrels ain't cheap when you got a million or two of 'em tied up for 4 years.
      Most of us have figured out that 50-55% makes for a better product.

      > 2) Also, during the aging process, is it necessary to top off the barrel when tasting/testing for readiness?

      Definitely not.
      > 3) Given the surface area of a 2 gallon barrel, aside from taste/personal judgement, is there a timeframe that the aging distillate should be targeted for bottling?

        Your proposed 2 gallon casks should age in 6 months or less, according to documentation from Bill Owen's American Distiller Institute.

      > Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,
      > W.B. Distiller
      You're welcome.

      regards Harry


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