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Re: Calculating alcohol by packet measurements ?

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  • jamesonbeam1
    There is a calculator in Tony s site at http://www.homedistiller.org/wash-sugar.htm This assumes a straight 51%
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2010

      There is a calculator in Tony's site at http://www.homedistiller.org/wash-sugar.htm

      This assumes a straight 51% conversion of sugar to alcohol, which is considered high by some distillers.

      If you look at http://www.brsquared.org/wine/CalcInfo/HydSugAl.htm  this will give you some tables with different alcohol levels based on different calculations.  Sometimes its hard to say how much alcohol is converted without chemical analysis,  due to:

       "Potential Alcohol levels vary on the source. This is because the actual quantity of alcohol produced is dependant on the individual yeast strain and fermentation environment. Some sugar is also used by the yeast for growth and production of other compounds, and some alcohol escapes with the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation. The theoretical yield of alcohol from sugar due to alcoholic fermentation (glucose is converted by yeast to ethanol and carbon dioxide) is 51.1% by weight (65 %/volume). However, with these considerations it is closer to 47% by weight (59 %/volume). Jackisch notes that for "red grapes from hot areas" the yield is closer to 43% by weight (54 %/volume) (Modern Winemaking by Philip Jackisch, Cornell University Press, 1985)."


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Bedwell <eukanubaau@...> wrote:
      > Guys, just a quick question... I put down a sugar/yeast wash yesterday according to the packet instructions...
      > It's a new Zealand still spirits turbo yeast, the 'recipe' called for 21L water @ 40c and 6 kg white sugar ( I used castor ), total makes 25L
      > Given this is simple X + Y = Z, is there an online calculator where i can calculate what the sg should be based on this info ?
      > I misplaced my hydrometer and couldn't hold off on putting this batch down...
      > - chris
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