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Re: What  % ABV

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  • geoff burrows
    Hi Harry, I just knew you could do all that. I would like to be a smart arse and say I can understand it all, well i did up to the Dosing part I was right
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2010
      Hi Harry,
           I just knew you could do all that.  I would like to be a smart arse and say I can understand it all, well i did up to the "Dosing" part I was right there with you. I kinda got lost after that at about half way down  the "maths" link at about here 
      "In a solution of sugar and water, one can show using
      thermodynamics that the volume is given by the
      formular V = n_s *V_{m,s} + n_w *V_{m,w}
      The focus knob on the inner third eye started to loose it's functionallity and the picture and station kinda jumped to fishing in days gone by and that empty heavy bottomed whiskey glass in the cupboard that suddenly started speaking and was demanding my attention to be charged with a wee drop of the good stuff (but hell it's only 9.30am so settle your head and wait to this evening  
      But in your defence the empirical tests sound good and a bit more do-able for me. (I can also hammer big nails into big thick planks as well ya know.  I must watch how I use those two words "thick and plank")
           Anyway it's funny (i.e funny peculiar) that your ethanol calculations came up with the  18.29 % abv because the local Vin de Noix or "Sarlanoix" has a strength of 16 % abv at this link
      very close to what my recipe is.  They must macerate at a strength slightly lower than 60% abv and give it more time to extract the flavour (because it is very strong on the Walnut flavour). 
      Everyone here tends to think their Vin de Noix and their recipe to be the best but they all tend to be a bit too sweet for my taste.  Now the commercial "Sarlanoix" I mentioned, hits the mark for me, not to sweet and not too Wall-nutty (the local home brew presentations all tend to overwhelm the Walnut flavour) but "Sarlanoix" is just right I think.(and no I'm not a rep)  With me adding the sugar syrup that is all totally under my control anyway.
           The finished recipe calculations you've kindly worked out, of 13.12L at 18.29 % abv sounds absolutely spot on to me and I got me 1.12 litres more than I expected.  That can't be a bad thing.  So Thank You Harry you've made my day and made my recipe and my guess-tim-ations sound pretty good, and made me sound like I know what I'm talking about (and backed it all up with hard mathimatical calculations as well)  
           See guys this is what being a moderator is all about, they do a brilliant job for us all and make us all look good among our friends.  I must add a big Thank You to all the mods as well.  I know mods you all wanted to answer those question but you wanted also to give Harry a chance just to see if he could work it out.  And if he couldn't you wus gonna get jump in there and help him.  You're all so modest giving the big guy a chance and all, before storming in and stealing his thunder Hee-hee-hee
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