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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Tap Water????

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  • 8_bit_boy
    I m in Australia in one of the main city s and use tap water for the spirit run to make sure i have enough volume in the still. ( ie. keep it well above the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 29, 2010
      I'm in Australia in one of the main city's and use tap water for the spirit run to make sure i have enough volume in the still. ( ie. keep it well above the element ) ..  I don't tend to worry too much about the ABV % because when i strip i take it all the way down to 10%

      As Jim states below though.. always use distilled water dilution.. even if you are filtering through charcoal ( like i do ).

      On 30/06/2010, at 8:41 AM, jamesonbeam1 wrote:


      If your using the tap water for your wash, then try it for a stripping run.  Sounds like you have done some research and it doesnt sound that bad.  You can let the water sit in a covered bucked for a day or so to get rid of the clorine, and the floride should not pose a problem (might keep you teeth whiter ;)).  As long as it tastes fine and not too hard, then it should be OK to use for dilution of a stripping run.  If your doing a neutral MUM, then no reason to add any backset since you dont want flavors.  The still will take care of anything else on a stipping run. 

      However, for diluting you spirits after the spirits run, please use distilled water....  Any tastes in you tap water in this case will carry over.

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.

      --- In new_distillers@ yahoogroups. com, Jerry McCullough <jkmccull@...> wrote:
      > I forgot to say that I am distilling a MUM wash in a reflux still.  My goal is very very high purity product that is generally tasteless. I will be using the product to fortify wine and other spirits. 
      > Thanks again
      > --- On Tue, 6/29/10, Jerry McCullough jkmccull@... wrote:
      > The local tap water is chlorinated, fluorinated and generally treated like any other water that is being treated for human consumption. The source is a small american river without any industrial pollution. It does not have a bad taste and is average in hardness. Really not bad at all. 
      > However I like the idea of using backset. Think that is what I will use to dilute the stripping run product for the spirit run.

      > I was just wondering if there was a good alternative to distilled water. I want to use my distilled water supply for diluting product after the spirit run.

      > Thanks again for your wisdom and guidance.


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