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Re: Sweet 'n' Sour

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  • tgfoitwoods
    Hey Mad Hatter, First off, congrats on all the successful MUM washes. That should fix you up with a lot of nice clean neutral, and it s so darned easy. It also
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      Hey Mad Hatter,

      First off, congrats on all the successful MUM washes. That should fix you up with a lot of nice clean neutral, and it's so darned easy. It also sounds like you are working to match fermenter size to still capacity, a really smart thing to do.

      While I've never done a UJSSM mash, your approach of stripping enough "beer" to get a stillful of low wines for a spirit run is what I do for my grain whiskeys, and as you mention, my MUM washes as well. While I sometimes wish for heavier grain flavor for my whiskeys, one beerstrip and one spirit run gives me fine spirit.

      It's true that Clear Creek in Portland OR makes an excellent single-run Scotch (not common for Scotch), but I'll stick with my 2X whisk(e)ys.

      Keep up the good work!

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jazzdoren2k3" <jazzvandoren@...> wrote:
      > Hi there all...
      > It's been a while since I last posted, just been taking it easy putting to use all the good info I got here...now I have what I think would be a silly question, but I'm going to ask it anyways...
      > So far, all I've been doing were MUM by the book recipes. Over the time, I've accumulated additional fermenters, and now run 3 separate 25L washes. I do a stripping run down to the first bottle that reads as having 0%ABV on each, then take the product from each of those 3 combined in the still--undiluted, and run a spirit run. I've been having excellent results thus far (tho I normally macerate it over various fruit to make it something I'll drink straight).
      > I recently had a neighbor manage to find me some organic cracked corn @ the 6-7 pieces per kernel as recommended by the UJSSM. I'm running a batch in each of my 3 main fermenters - been going for about two weeks in a mildly cooler area than the preferred 77 degrees F. When I arrive home on Wednesday, I'm going to rack and let settle while I do the spirit run on the last batch of MUMv1.0 I didn't get to do before leaving out.
      > I know that y'all have said that the more runs thru the still (pot still, 30L), the greater the flavor loss...hence the idea of a whiskey thru a reflux wouldn't work so well... My question is as follows -- can I continue my regular method of 3 stripping runs on the UJSSM, and then re-run the product from those as a spirit run; or, would that cost me too much of the flavor I'm shooting for with the corn - and just go with the stripping run as a final product? Since the MUM is neutral flavored anyways, this has never been a problem I considered, until now. And since this is the first time I'm seeing this as a problem, this is still my sweet mash round with which I'll be making my sour mash - hence my subject line.
      > Thanks for your help. I'll especially be interested in hearing Mason and ZBob's opinions...
      > ==Mad Hatter
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