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Re: MUM wash

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  • Harry
    ... Thank you for the contribution Ric (good info too). However I must say that the point of a MUM wash (Mason s Universal Mash) has been somewhat overlooked.
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 20, 2010
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Ric Cunningham <wilypig@...> wrote:
      > Disclaimer: I am not a representative for or a reseller of the products
      > listed in this email. I am however a user of each product listed for the use
      > listed.
      > I just read the paper on the MUM wash and have a few comments:
      > 1. The foaming caused during Irish moss addition is due to the addition of
      > nucleation sites for CO2 liberation in the fermented wash. To prevent this
      > you should degas the wash prior to adding any fining agents, this is the
      > same as a wine maker would do.
      > 2. If foaming during fermentation is an issue then you can use a product
      > called FermcapS. This is an emulsified silicone oil product used through out
      > the food and beverage industry for foam control.
      > 3. The use of miracle gro and the vitamins for yeast nutrition may be
      > similar to the products used by Mead and wine makers:
      > DAP - Diammonium Phosphate
      > Fermaid K - Potassium rich yeast nutrient blend
      > For those like me that are concerned with the use of plant targeted nutrient
      > blend I would suggest using product that are used industry wide as accepted
      > in the manufacture of fermented beverages. I am not saying that those who
      > use alternate products are doing anything wrong or should stop. I only point
      > out proven, accepted alternatives.
      > Thank you all for your time and efforts to make this a great forum for the
      > hobby.
      > Ric Cunningham

      Thank you for the contribution Ric (good info too). However I must say that the point of a MUM wash (Mason's Universal Mash) has been somewhat overlooked. The whole concept of this concoction is in the name, UNIVERSAL. It is designed to be made up from ingredients that are available off-the-shelf in groceries or supermarkets worldwide.

      DiAmmonium Phosphate (DAP, a fertilizer) and Fermaid K (proprietary yeastfood mix) are not available in a lot of places, internet orders notwithstanding. If they were (readily available worldwide) we wouldn't need the MUM concept.

      regards Harry
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