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Re: Where is Waldo II

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  • rye_junkie1
    ... I actually had quite the Reserve built up and am just getting into the stuff that I had been hiding from myself. So i m good. But I really appreciate
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "tgfoitwoods" <zymurgybob@...> wrote:
      > Apologies my bleeding ass, Mason! We're just happy to hear you're still with us, even if a bit bunged up. I'm happy for the successful product launch, but launching your corporeal butt down the highway was an unnecessary exuberance.
      > Even if you can't still for a while, maybe we your stillin' friends can find some way to get some homemade restorative elixir to you. Can you figure some way of handling that without blowing your cover?
      > Get well, buddy, and let's see if your friends can't help a bit with that.
      > Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

      I actually had quite the "Reserve" built up and am just getting into the stuff that I had been hiding from myself. So i'm good. But I really appreciate the offer. As long as i get a couple MUM washes going in the next week or 2 I wont miss a drink. Might try this JEM thingy I saw mentioned. I finished off a quart of XXX MUM that I had hid away a couple weeks ago. I've tried a bunch of washes/mashes, Fruit, grain, Molasses, but it's damn hard to beat properly pot distilled sugar shine. Especially when you toss some Juniper berries and other spices in on that last run. I love knowing how to mash grains and make all grain whisky but i came to the conclusion over 50lbs of corn last summer that its just too damn much work for what you get. I can have a MUM wash started in less than 20 minutes after dinner tonight and be on the couch with a rocks glass in one hand and the remote in the other.

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