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RE: [new_distillers] Re: Cloudy wash?

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      See comments below


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      Thanks Waldo,
      I've got it running now - wanted to get it on tonight as it's my last chance before Christmas!

      It seams to be going ok. It did smell a bit funny after turning the still on and condensation came out of the still, for about the first 20/30mins. Since then it seams to be running as normal and the output seams fine. I'll see how it tastes but guess that it would benefit from a second distillation.

      I also asked the guy who runs the shop where I bought the still - he told me its common and nothing to worry about - from memory, I think that he said they were mineral salts in the wash and also suggested that it could have been a result of the cheap sugar that I used.I thing I have found that if you use standard sugar all is good…brew shops have a thing about mineral salts? For what ever reason? A second distil always helps the first is a strip with no packing and no cuts and run down to 10ABV the second is controlled with full cuts…check the private emails I sent you I am sure I covered it all there…or give me a ring am on holiday at the moment …my number was on the emails sent previously

      Hopefully Ken can shed further light...

      Thanks again and enjoy the festive season.

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