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  • bigdaddyg851
    htgfoitwoodsav i been
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2009
      htgfoitwoodsav i been making wine for about 25yrs . so regardless to say i have a lot of wine off all flavors , usually make fruit wines blends, with things we grow such as blueberries , currant , raseberries , pears , apples , rubarb and i also have grape vines but i live in the north east so they also have to be blended . my point is ! that i have a lot of wine to distill . and what i have read when wine is distilled its brandy.and i have distilled some in a (SWANS NECK STILL witch took me 2hrs to build) and aged some just for a couple of months with oak sticks and it's flavor is truly wonderful . getting to the point, your right, i really don't know what type of still i want or need ? i am kind of getting into a new hobby and i want everything (:
      thank you
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