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  • Brian Hopper
    hi some yeast go higher with out much fusils for example gervin no3 goes pretty high almost to a sherry with addition of a say tronozymol nutrient i thinkĀ 
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 26, 2009
      hi some yeast go higher with out much fusils for example gervin no3 goes pretty high almost to a sherry
      with addition of a say tronozymol nutrient i think  you would achieve the results you were after,
      i have yoused this yeast for schnapps also brandy fantastic results it carres the aromatics as well as the high percentage. try it out it may work for you

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      I run a reflux still that will give me 95% abv no problem,my starting sg was 1050 thats about 6.5%abv on the hydrometer ,and yes i collect down to 20% and stop.
      I think the problem lies with the mix if i went to turbo yeast at $9 a pop i will get a higher % rate resulting in more product,What i need to know is there any way to bring up the % without using turboyeast as it is expensive and hard to get for me ,Or is there a yeast i can Reuse that will give me a higher %rate
      is the answer a grain mash?, If any of this is not correct or you have an answer or any advice please i would value your input,,, bbbob

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      Well, some variables here but that could be right.
      2x 20 liters = 45 liters?
      If your 40 liters of wash was 8% a/v then you would get about 3.2 liters of pure alcohol if you stripped it all out. That's about 8 liters of 40%. But if you ran it that far into the tails then you should have finished with more distilled water in your collected low wines- bringing your volume up and your a/v down to about 20 to 30%. This is very typical of my stripping runs. I strip fast and keep everything except for a few ounces of the foreshots. I strip down until I'm collecting about 10% a/v or so. Maybe you were stripping a bit slow and getting a dab of reflux with your pot still.
      I'm thinking that your wash was closer to 10% or richer and you didn't go so deep into the tails. Maybe you stopped collecting at about 20% or so?
      Typically, the higher the a/v of the wash (or whatever is in the pot) the higher the proof you'll get out of a pot still..
      Every pot still is a bit different and everyone runs it a bit differently too. My thinking is that you could have stripped a bit more into the tails but that is always a personal choice. There is not much reward going as far as that (down to 10%) because the time and fuel outweighs the little extra alcohol collected.


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      > Well i have just stripped a molasses and cornflake wash and i don't think i have enough low wines ,I started with about 45lt of wash 2x 20lt ferments,run it through a stripping run and ended up with 8 Lts @40%
      > to run for distilling, In the back of my mind i l ways thought that a result of 30% return was average, (any advice on this)
      > Thanks BBBOB,,,

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