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Re: [new_distillers] PJ's Reflux still

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    Thanks for ALL the info.. This is going to help a bunch.. Also, I wanted to know how and what you are using for a filter. And, you might want to try a
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 25, 2002
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      Thanks for ALL the info.. This is going to help a
      bunch.. Also, I wanted to know how and what you are
      using for a filter. And, you might want to try a
      digital thermometer in the top. That is what we are
      using and it seems to be great.. It also switches
      between C and F and is easy to read.. I found a 1/8"
      compression fitting and soldered it to the cap on the
      top and put the compression barrell around the
      thermometer and tightened it down. It is easily
      removed and seals great..
      Our first run will be Sat. night so I will let you
      know how it goes. I will also include a few pics of
      the "Party"..

      Thanks again!!


      --- B13013ob@... wrote:
      > Hi PJ, Yeah not only did I insulate the column,
      > but I later took it a
      > couple steps further by insulating the dome over the
      > boiler and the outspout
      > that passes over the residual heat from the burner
      > (to keep the distillate as
      > cool as possible) and added some to the top up to
      > the bottom of the cap. Big
      > difference - less heat needed to do the job and I
      > gained .5% purity.
      > I try to keep the temp near/below 75C for the
      > first 50ml to 100ml or so
      > (in a 12L wash) to take off the foreshots and what
      > little methanol may be in
      > the wash. When it starts to get difficult to
      > maintain that temp I either
      > BARELY slow the water or raise the heat, one or the
      > other, and wait a couple
      > minutes for results. The water shouldn't be running
      > much over 4L a minute at
      > this time - if so, your heat is too high. If you use
      > electricity I can't help
      > you there. The temp will rise to 78.5 (give or take
      > depending on a lot of
      > things) because that's the temp Ethanol evaps at. It
      > will stay there if you
      > have the reflux stabilized and are patient in the
      > beginning to achieve it.
      > You can now increase or decrease reflux rate (thus
      > the out flow) by BARELY
      > adjusting the water. I put an inline valve next to
      > where I can read the
      > thermometer (standing on a chair) and see the output
      > of distillate, adjusting
      > cooling flow when needed. I'm aiming for about 2L/
      > min flow (my water comes
      > from a well and is pretty cold). This may take two
      > or three dings before I'm
      > happy, then it's time to man the jars and a shot
      > glass to catch a few drops
      > testing for quality, changing jars as quality
      > changes and/or they fill. My
      > first couple of runs the ethanol would run out and
      > the temp at the head would
      > just drop, but now as the distillate slows I slow
      > the water and change jars
      > to catch flavors and residual ethanol if any. If the
      > flavors suck they get
      > thrown in with a later run. Take out the thermometer
      > then shut down the heat
      > when your finished. Keep the outspout out of the
      > distillate so you don't
      > block the circuit and can see the flow rate.
      > I'll include a pic (after I do my next run) of
      > the whole set-up, new and
      > improved over the pic I sent earlier, that includes
      > a carbon filter that the
      > distillate runs into just for that extra purity
      > goal. The burner barrel now
      > sits on a low table to facilitate this. That's the
      > great part about this
      > hobby, there is always something to experiment with
      > and satisfy ones
      > curiosity.
      > And as to the way they look the same... Great
      > minds follow plans very
      > well, eh? Nothing but fun. Oh yeah, and
      > concentration...and safety...Good
      > luck!...bob....

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