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Re: Buying Yeast

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  • gff_stwrt
    Hi, hawk and hello folks, I made apricot brandy recently and just let it ferment with the natural yeast on the fruit. I used the high-tech recipe of adding
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 23, 2009
      Hi, hawk and hello folks,
      I made apricot brandy recently and just let it ferment with the natural yeast on the fruit. I used the high-tech recipe of adding enough mildly- sweetened water to make the fruit 'easy to handle'.

      Fermentation went like the clappers. Every time I had a new container full I added a bit of the wildly fermenting stuff from the previous lot, to give it a good start. Don't know how much I did altogether but I have around eighteen litres of STONES left that I am going to crack,soon,to make amaretto from the kernels!

      If I am lucky enough to get the (free) fruit from the same trees again this year (it's midwinter now in Australia) I might try fermenting the whole fruit (it was a lot of work removing all those stones). Just mash the fruit a bit in the fermenter with a small wooden post or something. Still add some water and sugar as before, after mashing.

      And push it through a 'strainer' with holes so big they just stop the stones from going through, when it is partly fermented.

      Anyway, hawk, good luck,

      The Baker

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      > > Hi ya Waldo
      > > Yes your quite correct in saying 55lbs is way to much yeast, that's the problem. I only want around a pound or so. I'm not ever going to use that much yeast. I just wanted to get off the bakers yeast and get more flavors and a little more percentage then what I'm currently getting from the bakers yeast. I'm just looking for a good overall yeast. I didn't realize they sold smaller amounts. Good to know! I didn't see the EC-1118 and K1V-1116 Lalvin yeast on the site. I will look more closely. I have a family member that's into Vodka, so using turbo yeast would work quite well for Vodka as I'm striping it anyway right?
      > >
      > > I did pick up some BA 100 enzyme's, as I do want to get into the grain aspect of the hobby as well. I live in the grain belt here in Canada so grains are easy to attain. Will this work for say an Apricot Brandy as well though?
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      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Snowman
      > You also need the GA100 enzymes. The BA breaks down the starches and liquefies them. The GA does the final conversion and also converts the non fermentable sugars in the mash. A top shelf yeast is the brewhaus prestige whiskey yeast with AG(as Jim pointed out). I have used it a few times. I am also very partial to Fermentis brand Safale05. The stuff with AG should/could take the place of the GA100 if you go that route. Another yeast I have grown fond of is Coopers brewers yeast. If I am playing with grains I stay away from bread yeast but for Sugar washes its bread yeast or EC1118.
      > Safale05 will go to 15% if you dont hit it with it all at once.
      > Never pushed the Brewhaus stuff to its limit. If you are making whiskey 1.060 is as high as you want to go anyway.
      > Mason
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