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  • Harry
    ... , thepatchworkdoll ... on the distillation process. Firstly do you dilute the still charge to under 30% prior to
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      > HI Guys advice required regarding UJSSM recipe.  Whats everyones take on the distillation process.  Firstly do you dilute the still charge to under 30% prior to final distillation.  Secondly what cuts are required to obtain the best final product.  Any advice will be very much appreciated.  PC

      Some folks just do a single run from mash, then dilute it for drinking.  I use the following method for whisk(e)ys.

      I always strip into a 5 gallon separating drum with a drain tap about 6" from the bottom.  Then dilute the strip below 30% with clean water to achieve hydro-separation (separates the fusels & heavier stuff into layers).  Let it sit a day, and draw off the middle 2/3rds for a final still charge.  The remaining 1/3rd goes into my feints container for a future run.

      To do the hearts run (or any potstill type single spirit run) follow this chart.  You can adjust the charge strength to suit the desired takeoff strength...


      regards Harry

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