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Re: New Member Question Brought over from Distillers Group

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  • rye_junkie1
    ... OK Rick, I,m going to point you in a couple of Directions. Our Bible: http://homedistiller.org/ READ, Read, Read. And
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2009
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie1" <rye_junkie@...> wrote:
      > hi all new guy here:
      > my name is rick well the other day i bought a old copper still so i have doing a lot of reading here on the net on making shine and other drinks.i think i have it worked out how it all works. i was a little stumped with a thump keg but now i also got that.ok today i'm going to kinda put it all together in my garage.if someone could kinda walk me through the whole thing i would feel a lot better as to what i was doing.as to there was a few things i did not understand.a couple questions i have is is the thump keg air tight?another is i read someware about poring off the first little bit of the run?and one more was i understand the part of water boiling at one temp and alc at another would it be wise for me to install a thomenter into my boiler to asure right temp.?agaim i'm new to this i did try beer at one time and still have my kit from that venture.
      > thanks in advance rick

      OK Rick,
      I,m going to point you in a couple of Directions.
      Our Bible:
      http://homedistiller.org/ READ, Read, Read.

      Dont worry with things like thumpers just yet but yes it is sealed. Basically the inlet of the thumper coming from the boiler go to near the the bottom of the container that is charged with water, beer, feints,backset, Botanicals. The outlet that goes to the condenser is above the liquid. So as vapor rises from the boiler and makes its way to the thumper it reaches the cool liquid in the container and is condensed back to liquid. As the temp of the liquid in the thumper rises to the boiling point of ethanol the vapor rises from the thumper container goes to the condenser and is again turned to liquid and in most cases drinkin spirit. Sort of a double distillation but in reality more like 1.5.
      As for the first emerging Distillate. This is called foreshots. As a rule you toss the first 50-100ml that come from the rig. This part of the run contains compounds like Acetone, Methanol in some cases(fruit and Grain wash), but no more than a glass of OJ or a glass of wine contains, Aldehydes and other stuff you dont really want to drink. They smell like nail polish normally. They give the booze that sting in the mouth and heartburn afterwords, Along with the hangover in the morning. You will find that Headaches and hangovers are pretty much a thing of the past once you get the hang of running your rig and making proper cuts.
      ethanol boils around 172F while water is 212F. This is why distillation works. It is also proof that we are not making anything that isnt already there. We are separating. Once some of the Naysayers that are opposed to this wonderful art start to let that little tid bit of info sink in they realize we arent doing anything wrong except not paying tax on our booze. Never mind the fact that I pay tax on every ingredient that goes into it. So yes a thermometer is a very useful tool. I Have one placed in the boiler lid(not really necessary and then another in the vapor path at the top of the column. The main thing you want is the thermometer in contact with the vapor not the wash.

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