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  • jamesonbeam1
    Heres a recipe from Wal in Advanced Distiller s he wrote a while back. Look under Recipes in the Info base - theres a listing of most of the recipes posted
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      Heres a recipe from Wal in Advanced Distiller's he wrote a while back.  Look under Recipes in the Info base - theres a listing of most of the recipes posted over the years in Advanced Distiller's.

      "Cordials (liqueurs) and punches were popular in the U.S. Originally bourbon whiskey was quite rough, as demand did not allow for aging, and therfore invited additional flavoring. Southern Comfort was first made in New Orleans by the bartender named H.W. Huron in 1870. The taste is the result of bourbon whiskey, fruit and spice. The whiskey provides the tastes of caramel and vanilla. The fruit is peach with orange and some lemon. The spice seems to be just cinnamon. It comes in 38%abv and 50%abv strengths. Could one emulate the bartender Huron?
      For 1 litre of bourbon whiskey you could experiment by macerating for 10 days and then straining:
      1-2g cinnamon
      3 strips of orange peel
      1 strip of lemon peel
      1-3 halved peaches
      1/2 cup sugar
      caramel coloring

      I came across Peach and Rose Petal Liqueur, from an 1830 cookbook:
      1 litre proof alcohol (40%abv).
      450g honey
      2-3 handfuls of scented rose petals
      12 peaches, halved, with pits, and a few pits broken open
      Macerate for at least 2 weeks, then strain.

      The quantity of peaches seem excessive - 500g seems sufficient. The
      quantity of honey could be halved, at least initially.

      Wal   from:

      The Wikipedia lists the ingredients as:

      Southern Comfort is a bourbon whiskey based [1] fruit and spice liqueur produced since 1874. It is made from a blend of bourbon whiskey, mango, orange, grape, vanilla, beetroot, sugar, and cinnamon flavors.[

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.

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      > Hi. I have lost the recipie I had for making Southern Comfort; could someone please help? thanks Al

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