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Re: [new_distillers] Copper size query

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  • Rasputin Paracelsus
    Robbie, Overthinking? No, not really. There is such a thing as too tight a mesh or too tightly packed (witness past dialogues-- as tight as you can I think is
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 26 3:49 PM

      Overthinking? No, not really. There is such a thing as too tight a mesh
      or too tightly packed (witness past dialogues--"as tight as you can" I
      think is overdoing it), so hearing about past experiences is worthwhile.
      I was in any case about to 'take the plunge' and order the stuff
      thinking can't really go too wrong... :)

      Marbles--no way. The surface to volume ratio is pretty poor, as I think
      has been well established. Got Raschig rings at the moment, so if I'm
      going to change (and more importantlly, spend money doing it) it had
      better be an improvement....

      However, the sentiment is appreciated. I'm not stressed out by any
      means--but I do like to plan ahead, and make the most of my measly budget.

      Thanks for the links in the first place, though, and the dialogue!


      Rob Macrobert wrote:
      > R,
      > Two things:
      > A) The mesh is fine, marbles can be used as packing.
      > B) You are seriously over thinking the issue.
      > As long as the mesh is either copper or stainless, pack the column as
      > tight as you can, while still being able to easily blow air thru it.
      > Dude, you've really got to learn to sit back and not get caught up in
      > the really small details. If you don't, you're just going to paralyze
      > yourself, get stressed out, and not accomplish what you started out for.
      > Been there, done it, got past it....now, instead of worrying if I can
      > get another 2% efficiency out of the setup, I make what I like, using
      > a 15 gal keg for a boiler, with a 11/2" take off and 48"s of 3/4 liebig.
      > If I want to make neutral, the column is 36" of 2" packed with the Lee
      > Valley mesh, an 18" long jacketed cold tip condenser on top, and a 12"
      > long water jacket condenser, running as a VM rig.
      > Low stress, no fuss, no muss.
      > HTH,
      > Robbie Mac
      > Sometime tinkerer and sometimes it even works....
      > __
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