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  • Andy
    I stand to be corrected here but i think the general concensus on aluminium boilers is only if you have no other alternative ! A couple of posts have
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2009
      I stand to be corrected here but i think the general concensus on
      aluminium boilers is "only if you have no other alternative"! A
      couple of posts have mentioned metallic tastes and corrosion, and
      IMHO it just isn't worth it for something you're going to put in
      your mouth. I used an ex-army stainless cook pot for my boiler which
      i bought for about £20 ($30). Two litres of brand name spirits from
      a supermarket would cost about the same, and my still will produce 8-
      10 litres per batch and i've run 6 or 7 batches so far. It pays for

      The boiler power will dictate the size of column you have to use if
      you can't turn it down. The files and calculators on here will give
      you a good idea of what size column will cope with what power input
      from the boiler. I did it the other way round, in that i had a
      certain size column and had to find a power source big enough to run

      Hope that helps.



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      > > Welcome!
      > >
      > > Being a Bokakob user i can highly recommend the design. I've had
      > > excellent results from mine.
      > > Picture link to my still:
      > >
      > > pic/list
      > >
      > > My feelings on the coffee pot would be that the heat input may
      > > be good enough. I know on my still i had a real problem getting
      > > boiler up to temp on an electric hob, so i changed to a gas
      > > and now it's fine. When i had a smaller 1 gallon boiler the hob
      > > fine, but when i changed to a 5gal boiler (as in the picture)
      > > hob just couldn't put enough power in to keep the flow going.
      > > would be my worry with a coffee pot, that the heater element is
      > > designed to 'boil', just to heat.
      > >
      > > Also, can the heat be controlled? If the element IS powerful
      > > to run the boiler, it may be then TOO high to control the vapour
      > > flow up the column.
      > >
      > > I stand to be corrected by the much more experienced guys (and
      > > gals?) on here, but my experience with my Bokakob has given me
      > > pretty good idea of it's capacity.
      > >
      > > Good luck.
      > >
      > > Andy.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > Thanks for the RE:
      > I made a test run in the coffee pot with plain tap water, it hit
      > 200F in 20 min. I had planned on a valved reflux head and thought
      > could control the temp (somewhat) by making 3 or 4 coils in the
      > return line to give the liquid a little more cooling time before
      > returning to the pot. If nothing else I could find a temp. control
      > switch such as something off of an electric skillet and wire it on.
      > (thoughts)
      > Problem #2 the pot is not stainless as the box stated but polished
      > aluminum. Is this a health risk or just a cloudiness problem I can
      > cure with a charcoal filter?
      > All comments welcome-
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